Amazon started music streaming against Apple Music, or is different from "Prime Music"

ByAlexandra Schwarz

Information from several music industry officials has revealed that Amazon is preparing music streaming service to overthrow Sportify and Apple Music.

Bezos set to expand empire to take on Spotify: sources | New York Post

Amazon offers unlimited listening prime music for "Prime" members with an annual fee of 99 dollars (3900 yen in taxes in Japan), but we offer independent music streaming services apart from Prime Music It is planning. This information was confirmed by New York Post from several music industry stakeholders, Amazon's top of the digital music division led the music streaming program, and if it became a full-fledged selection which is much more substantial than Prime Music It is seen.

Amazon is America's largest music dealer, and digital music has sales in the second place in the industry. Amazon's biggest rival will be Apple, but because digital music sales are declining across the industry, we will enter music streaming that is becoming mainstream with the appearance of Sportify, Apple Music, Google Play Music etc. It seems to be.

Sportify, Apple Music and Google Play Music each have over 30 million songs you can listen to, and Amazon's music streaming is supposed to start with the number of songs that can compete with them.

Amazon's music streaming service is expected to be $ 9.99 per month (about 1200 yen)Speaker which can speak to and operate with AI "Amazon Echo"With a bundle set with, it is said that discounts of 3 dollars to 4 dollars (about 350 yen - 470 yen) are being discussed from the monthly fee. The service is expected to start around the fall of 2016.

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