Discovered that policemen snooped smartphone on the back of Disney land and was watching it

ByMatthew Klein

In the state of California, USA, it turned out that the local police had conducted wiretapping acts secretly since 2009. Eavesdropping targets include not only local residents,Disneyland ResortIt is thought that the communication of about 2,000 mobile phones was intercepted annually, including tourists who visit.

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American NGO organizationAmerican Civil Liberties UnionAccording to a survey by the University of California (ACLU), Police in Anaheim, California, Orange County secretly tricked up eavesdropping devices for mobile phones for about 10 years, and wiretap acts were done in several cities in Orange County It was revealed. The targets of eavesdropping were extended not only to 3 million residents of Orange County but also to mobile phones of 16 million visitors a year to visit Disneyland Resort.

The US federal government and the states have hidden information for the eavesdropping behavior of mobile phones for a long time, but as ACLU traced the Anaheim police wiretap acts and filed a lawsuit, detailed documents will be released . From the document, it turns out that the following three kinds of different equipment were used as the equipment of wiretapping equipment.

The first device is a military device called "dirtbox" which is said to be used only by the federal government, Los Angeles, Chicago. Anaheim police have been found to have three types of dirtboxes, at least from 2009 under federal government subsidies. It is the Maryland state that handles the production and sale of dirtboxDigital Receiver TechnologyA company called. Dirtbox can collect information on thousands of mobile phones at once, and can also intercept encrypted communication. Furthermore, it is also possible to conduct eavesdropping by stacking the dirtbox on an airplane, and since there is still a mail exchange within the police station saying "It is possible to conduct eavesdropping using Cessna aircraft owned by Anaheim City, It is thought that it actually carried out wiretap acts from the sky with dirtbox on the airplane.

The second one is "Stingray"Base station simulator called. This is to pretend to be an authorized base station and to jack the communication of a nearby mobile phone, it affects all the mobile phones in the radio wave area, and can store the contents of communication and the position of each mobile phone is. Anaheim police used the federal government subsidies and city budget in 2011 to make Florida stateHarris CorporationBuy Stingray from. In 2013, it is considered to have updated Stingray to support the LTE band.

The third is a hand-sized eavesdropper, which it is supposed to buy by Anaheim Police at the end of 2013. The developerKEYWIt was originally developed as a device to find a cell phone hidden in a building etc.

Anaheim police insist that "our eavesdropping enabled us to find the anxiety points of Orange County cities." However, the act of eavesdropping was done without the permission of citizens and tourists, and the police kept secretly intercepting the communication of the mobile phone without deciding any ordinance or the like concerning wiretap acts. In addition, it seems that the Anaheim police lent the wiretapping equipment to other cities in Orange County.

ACLU says "an agency with law enforcement authority should not conduct eavesdropping secretly", regarding the eavesdropping activity advanced by the federal governmentRestrictive measureWe are commenting that we will support.

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