A researcher who saved the lead contamination water problem which threatens tens of thousands of people's health and intelligence indices by investing private property of 17 million yen or more

It was discovered that tap water was contaminated with lead in Flint, Michigan, USA, with a population of approximately 100,000 people. Due to the influence of contaminated water, it is also suggested that the residents are out of hair and eczema occurs on the face, affecting the intelligence index of the whole area. In Flint it seems that the voice of poor health by residents has been rising since 2014, but Michigan has not admitted that water is contaminated for over a year and a half.

Virginia Tech Researchers Said Flint Water Unsafe

AFPBB NewsAccording to the polluted water problem, the municipal authorities switched the flint's tap water source for cost reduction. Until then it seems that Flint purchased water from Detroit, but from April 2014 it will start using the water of the Flint River flowing through the area. However, this water is highly corrosive, it will hurt the old water pipe in the area, lead seems to have melted into tap water. The residents of Flint seemed to complain of poor physical condition such as feeling sick due to water, but Michigan authorities ignored the risk of health damage by water for several months.

The American Free Human Rights Association(ACLU) andNatural Resource Protection CouncilAccording to the NRDC complaint, the Michigan State Environmental Authority, in the Flint water purification plant, despite being unable to purify and disinfect the Flint River water to a level that meets the water quality safety standards prescribed by the state and the government It was allowed to use. This problem has been developed to eventually announce that President Barack Obama declared an emergency situation in Michigan State and will support with public funds.

It seems that the residents in the area are affected by contaminated water causing hair to escape and eczema on the face. In addition, the cognitive ability of the residents is also affected, and thinking power and the whole region's intelligence index are also affected. About this contaminated water problem, the following movies are concisely summarized.

Lead hair in Flint city rice city water leaks and influence also on intelligence index - YouTube

The polluted water problem that occurred in such Flint will be made more profound for a longer term unless there is Professor Mark Edwards of the Virginia Tech University which has funded the project individually while conducting the research team of the university and the research team, There is a possibility that it was concealed by the state. The reason behind Michigan's recognition of the problem is that Professor Edwards, a professional water treatment expert and a research team of the Virginia Tech University, announced the results of the water quality survey of the Flint River in 2015 and the Michigan " It is because it overturned the claim that water is safe. "

When Professor Edwards learned about the problem of contamination of Flint, when he received contact from Flint 's inhabitant Liean · Walters. Mr. Walters is worried about the foul odor and discoloration of the tap water, he seems to have contacted the environmental authorities of the state, but the authorities got only a reply saying "no problem", he said he contacted Professor Edwards. Edwards pointed out that Flint and the environmental authorities in Michigan state that they insisted that "tap water is safe" only selected good data from multiple sample waters.

And the research team of Virginia Tech, led by Professor Edwards, conducted the water quality survey and sampling of the Flint River and published the findings, but the cost of the investigation wasThe team's official websiteIt has been disclosed on the above, and it was revealed that the investigation expenses will total as much as 189,177 dollars (about 21 million yen).

In this surveyThe National Science FoundationIt seems that there was also a financial support of 32,243 dollars (about 3.9 million yen), but it seems that even if other incomes are included, it is a deficit of 147,174 dollars (about 17 million yen). And all this deficit has been worked out by Professor Edwards with individual funds and 25 students and researchers who participated in the survey team have worked more than 6000 hours in total for the water quality survey and these are 165,000 dollars It is also revealed that it is labor equivalent to about 20 million yen. As you can see, the survey shows that a lot of expenses and personnel have been torn apart, Professor Edwards says, "Compared to the damage we have prevented, the cost incurred is not a problem.The best for society we can do I have made an investment. "

Mr. Siddhartha Roy, a member of the investigation team, said, "Government agencies and facilities neglected the inspections that should be done properly to protect the safety of citizens, if they have funds that Professor Edwards spent on the investigation If it does not show interest in contaminated water problem of Flint in the first place, what was it about this time around? "

In addition, Professor Edwards has done water quality survey of tap water in Washington, DC in the past, and it seems that borrowed money by mistaking own house myself in this investigation. Mr. Roy says about Professor Edwards, "I am deeply interested in people's health being hurt by terrible policy decisions, and that interest is particularly tilted towards lead contamination."

In order to regain the cost paid by Professor Edwards, the survey team conducted a survey on the cloud funding siteGoFundMeWe are recruiting donations. About 25,000 dollars (about 3 million yen) are gathered at the time of article creation on the page, but there is still a situation where the target amount of $ 150,000 (about 18 million yen) is still open.

FlintWaterStudy Research Fundraiser by Siddhartha Roy - GoFundMe

Film director Michael Moore is also seeking donations to Professor Edwards and the research team.

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