Using AI to identify people at high risk of becoming homeless, the company successfully supported approximately 800 people

Housing prices are soaring in the United States, and homelessness is on the rise. Los Angeles, California, known as one of the areas with the highest homeless population in the United States, is using AI to identify and support individuals and households at high risk of becoming homeless.

Predicting and Preventing Homelessness in Los Angeles - California Policy Lab

Los Angeles is using an AI pilot program to try to predict homelessness

The following figure shows the number of homeless people by state in 2023 compiled by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. There are 181,399 homeless people in California, a 30.5% increase from 2007.

To reduce homelessness, it is important to provide support before people lose their homes. Therefore, the Los Angeles County Health Department in California is using AI to predict 'people and households at high risk of losing their homes' to narrow down the people who need support and provide support to maintain their housing. Support using AI began in 2021, and by 2024, support was provided to approximately 800 people. 86% of them were able to maintain their housing even after the support ended.

The AI used by the Los Angeles County Health Department was developed by the California Policy Lab , a research institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, which works to solve the homeless problem. The AI was developed using anonymized data from Los Angeles County residents. According to Janie Rountree , executive director of the California Policy Lab, the AI was provided to Los Angeles County free of charge and there are no plans to monetize it in the future.

In addition to Los Angeles County, Santa Clara and San Diego counties are also considering using AI to combat homelessness.

In addition, California Policy Lab uses 'anonymized data of Los Angeles County residents' to train the AI, but CNBC points out the research result that 'it is easy to identify individuals from anonymized data' and the analysis result that '87% of Americans can be identified by zip code, date of birth, and gender alone' and points out the privacy problem.

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