The movie "Frozen soap bubbles" capturing the beautiful figure of the moment when the bubbles freeze

Soap one end of a straw in soap and detergent mixed water and blow soap bubbles. A movie that shoots the freezing world that even soap bubbles will freezeFrozen soap bubblesIt is open to the public, and it is possible to observe thoroughly how unusual "the soap bubble freezes without cracking" appears.

Frozen soap bubbles on Vimeo

Fresh bubbles ride on ice ......

This will gradually freeze. A pattern like ice crystals gradually spreads on the surface of the soap bubble, which is very fantastic.

You can see at a glance that the crystal pattern spreads throughout the soap bubbles, becoming a solid rather than a liquid.

Next we will freeze larger bubbles.

The surface of the soap bubble moves fluidly with the pulp so that it can be seen that it is a liquid film at first, but a small crystal pattern gradually increases there ... ...

The movement of the soap bubble surface stops and the crystal pattern of the ice gradually increases.

And the whole surface is whitish ......

I freeze it on my pacqui paki.

The third bubble has appeared.

I have taken a lot of the crystal pattern of ice that just happened on the surface.

It looks like this when you turn GIF animation into appearance of freezing.

Countless crystal patterns on small soap bubbles.

It is as if it has an atmosphere like an art work or something.

As it gradually freezes, the pattern on the surface changes at the moment of the moment, but there is a beautiful moment as long as you want to stop the time.

Although it seems that soap bubbles of 90 to 95% seem to be broken instantly, it seems that the rest gradually freezes without breaking, "It is possible to shoot if persevering".

The end looks a bit different from the others.

The crystal pattern of ice is larger than other bubble balls.

Overall the size of the pattern is large, impression different from other things.

And lastly it burst with Paston.

I photographed "Frozen soap bubbles" with a 3 year old daughterZALUSKArtMr. When trying to wear a jacket for going out to a daughter, ZALUSKArt wants to fuck her daughter 's curiosity "In such a cold day it bubbles even soap bubbles, and it is very beautiful. He said he told me "Why? Zelkek Arut was a minus 15 degrees cold place in order to keep this promise, forgetting that the 3 - year - old daughter forgot to wear a jacket as well as asking for curiosity to see the situation It is said that the moment when the soap bubbles freeze was put in the camera. In addition, the equipment used is Canon's cameraEOS 6D, The lens isEF 24 - 70 mm F 2.8 L II USMis.

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