I participated in the beta test of a different color game "The Tomorrow Children (Tomorrow Children)" that reconstructs the extinct world in the parallel world after the Cold War

In the parallel world where the socialism of the former Soviet Union has advanced since the Cold War era and cooperate with other players online, the cooperation with other players on the rebuilding nation to aim for the resurrection of the extinct human beings has never existed Game for PS4The Tomorrow Children"Closed beta test was done. Since I was able to participate in the beta test this time, I have enjoyed the topic of the world of The Tomorrow Children and the game system one step before the release.

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Select "NEW GAME" on the title screen and start. Beta test is that you can play a part of the product version.

As the game begins, a girl stands alone in a space where there is nothing, and the player manipulates this girl.

In retrospect, TV is installed, so if you try approaching ......

The bad-looking old man briefly explained about this world. Anything, after the Cold War, the Soviet Union carried out a grand project of connecting the consciousness of all human beings by sharing it, but after all the failure has ended, the consciousness of people all over the world has become a foreign body called "void" covering the ground He said that. Players will aim to reconstruct humanity by manipulating this girl "projection clone".

When the uncle's explanation was over, a square large block appeared.

To rebuild a city, you need "resources" to build a facility. Various tools are necessary to collect that resource. On a TV set in front of a huge block, an uncle again appeared and gave Pickle for resource collection. For the time being, we are using Pickel to collect resources.

When you hit the wall with Cancan and Pickel ... ...

I got a big hole.

The inside is pitch-dark, and the player's body starts flashing green. I'm not quite sure what is going on, but since the uncle in the television is calling, I will ask the story.

According to his uncle, the projection clone is a special life form, and he can not maintain body composition in the dark. I will get "Mobile Light" from my uncle.

The light of the body disappears when using a portable light. You can explore freely with this.

When digging with Pickel ......

Get a "shovel" from the treasure box. Shovel does not pierce like a pickle, but the place where you dig.

I found something that looks like a mineral at the back.

I also knock on Khan Khan with Pickel.

Then, three shiny resources came out.

Put the collected resources in the back and return to the starting point.

According to his uncle, since the collected resources are used for the maintenance and development of the town, it is necessary to put it in the resource storage area.

A space written as "STORAGE" is a resource storage place.

That's why you can put the resources you collect here.

When we put the resources, the huge blocks we had hitherto made a loud noise and disappeared. This huge block is called "island", and there are things of various shapes, but it repeats extinction and appearance.

When I thought "What should I do?", The image of socialist Bari Bali started to flow on TV.

In this world there are three kinds of people "citizen" with resident's diary and "voters" with individual houses, "settlers" who do not have anything. It seems that a resident's notebook can be obtained only by workers who got 1 billion pieces of distribution tickets to get by working ... ...

I got that precious residential notebook with free.

We also get new residential clothes along with the resident's notebook, and the projection clone pushes the right hand up and rejoices.

... ... so that the light tutorial stage is over. From here, I will head to the "town" where I can play on this beta test by riding the subway in front of me.

The opening movie starts when you get on the subway. In "The Tomorrow Children", designs that conscious of propaganda art appeared everywhere and produced a unique world. The fonts of the following images are somewhat cool.

I got off at the subway and arrived at the town. Let's try to explore the town for the time being.

This is a bus stop, from here you can take a bus and go to an island where you can collect resources.

When walking to the outside of the town, my body got sunk and sunk. Anything, the void outside the town is very dangerous because it is unstable.

This is labor inspection bureau. The Labor Audit Bureau reports daily labor and receives distribution tickets as compensation.

I'd like to report my work earlier, but since I have other players lined up in the side, I also make columns properly and line up properly.

I report labor when my turn comes. Labor is evaluated as "degree of contribution", and as a consideration it receives a distribution ticket. Distribution tickets are like money and can be exchanged with tools etc. in a facility called "Tool Supply Station".

I tried to build a house using "personal residence construction permission" I was getting earlier, but because the number of houses that I can build in this town has reached the limit, I can not build my home.

I was sorry that I could not build my house but when I went to the other player's home, I was able to enter inside.

Once you enter another player's house you can change clothes and check the status. As the level of the player goes up, you gain points that are assigned to the status and you can raise any ability. It is also interesting to have elements of a little RPG.

This is a resource storage place. A lot of resources collected by other players are placed.

There are kinds of resources, and the long thin one shown in the image below is wood. The resources necessary for the construction of the facility are different for each facility, and it is necessary to gather many types of resources to develop the town.

This is a "human generator" to generate electric power to move facilities in the town, runs like a room runner and generates electricity. Of course, electricity generation is also evaluated as one of labor.

I found a magical stairway in the town.

You can look over the whole city as you climb the stairs. This staircase was built by other players. In other words, you can build an object that makes it convenient not only for yourself but for other players, and you can indirectly cooperate with other players, not directly.

I searched the town for urouro, so I'm worried so I will collect resources myself and I will try building a facility. Just because the bus arrived Let's go.

The bus is filled with lots of workers. Propaganda broadcasting is broadcasting on the TV in front.

The bus has arrived at the island. It is the island that looks forward.

The bus stop has resources to load on the bus. I want to contribute to the development of the town!

I rushed into the island severely but the resources around here seemed to have been reaped and it was hard to find.

When I thought that the sound began to be "Gogogogogo", the island crumbled away. Even though I have come to a lot of ... ....

When I came back to town with suppressed feelings of regret, a new island that shaped the face in front of the town appeared. There seems to be still untouched resources left here.

I will go inside from the stairs someone dug up.

I discovered a tree with fruit when I am exploring the inside of the island.

When it rocks and it shakes, the fruit falls with the pot and gets the food.

Finding a mineral that can finally acquire resources when going backwards. I will hit it with Pickel.

Then, "Matryoshka" came out from inside. Matryoshka can convert to the people by using the facility "Puppet Converter" and can increase the population of the town. Matryoshka is a very valuable item because the number of facilities that can be built increases as the population increases, and you will be able to further develop the town.

I will return to town with as much resources as I have come out with Matryoshka. This should contribute to the development of the town.

When you return to town, put resources in the resource storage ... ...

I will try making a facility with a universal machine table.

The facility that can be created is determined by the degree of development of the town, so many facilities can not be built at this time. I will make "seedlings" that can produce food.

In order to create a facility, it is necessary to solve the slide puzzle, its difficulty varies depending on the facility being made. If you can not solve by any means, you can skip using "foreign currency" that you can get in the game.

After making the facility, report labor to the Labor Audit Bureau and get a distribution ticket.

The tools that appear in "The Tomorrow Children" have limitations on the number of times they are used, and will disappear when the limit is reached. Pickel I was using until that time was about to reach the limit soon and I accumulated a certain amount of distribution tickets so I will try to replace it with a new tool at the tool replenishment station.

Currently only Pickel can get. Where I want a little better tool.

When I got Pickle, the shop owner introduced a black market that can use foreign currency instead of distribution ticket.

In the black market we deal in quality foreign products. There is a glittering poster of the tool on the right side and you can see that it is a tool made in a certain country symbolizing freedom from the picture of the poster. It is the charm of The Tomorrow Children that plenty of black humor is also there.

In The Tomorrow Children, various tools other than those mentioned above will appear. In the following movies, we use "earth whirlpools" to boost the feet of the feet, jumping down using a parachute, and holding a state of floating in the air with a jet pack.

I tried to float in the air using a parachute or jet pack at "The Tomorrow Children" - YouTube

If you use "whirlpools of the earth" where there is nothing on the ground ... ...

Gogogogo and the earth are exciting. If we use this we can go to high places.

Next, let's jump off with a parachute from the top.

Falling while fluffy. It does not matter if it falls from a high place in this case.

Among items that fly in the sky, "Jet Pack" is convenient.

You can fly anywhere with Jetpack ......

It is possible to collect resources at the high place of the island.

"The Tomorrow Children" is more than just gathering resources and developing the town. A giant beast called Iszberg is out of town and sometimes destroys the town. It is possible to confirm the situation that Issberg assaulted the town and spread the battle.

Battle with big beast · Iszberg at "The Tomorrow Children" - YouTube

In the following image is a gigantic beast · Isbersberg.

As you approach with a jet pack you will understand its size.

A rocket launcher and so on to protect the town from Izberg ......

I will compete with a shotgun.

However, Issberg launches energy bullets like a spirit ball so it is extremely dangerous. There was a battle of other players, and I chased Is'verberg to a pretty good point, but this time I could not beat it.

Facilities that were destroyed by Isberg can be repaired using resources, but it seems better to beat down before being destroyed.

Even if the player dies, there are three options "re-composition in the town", "request reconstruction in this place", "wait for the rescue of each other", it will not be a game over.

This completes the closed beta test. While I was playing, I thought that "I want to do this too!", But three hours was not enough. There were lots of elements that I could not touch in play, and the quality and balance of the game was high enough to make me want to play more and more, it was a work that will be looking forward to release.

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