A picture of the aurora photographed by a female photographer in a minus 20 degree world

This is a picture of a 40 - year - old woman who travels to Canada every year she photographed the aurora. In the extremely cold climate that it will be minus 20 degrees, changing the exposure time and the camera, the fantastic scenery like a painting is copied.

Details are as below.
Aurora Borealis captured in stunning Northern Lights display Mail Online

The shooting was done in ManitobaChurchillIt is a town called. It is a famous town where polar bears can be seen, but for photographer Linda Drake he seems to be a spot to observe the aurora.

Linda camped in a minus 20 degree world and said that he was observing the sky every night.

Using various cameras and lenses separately, capturing the auroral light with exposure of several seconds to two hours, pictures like pictures are taken.

Linda says that he is shooting aurora for four years.

Linda says, "Like the currents in the sky, the sky is overwhelmed, I have been doing the same thing for the past four years but I would like to continue in the future."

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