Photographer going caverns of glaciers like crazy on the ice

Eric Guth, a photographer who was fascinated by the beauty of ice from a young age,PatagoniaFrom the north to Iceland, when visiting glaciers around the world, it camps for several days in the cold of minus 20 degrees Celsius and photographs the world behind the glaciers which people can not readily see. A unique scene where sunlight is transparent and reflects on thick ice seems to be a scene of science fiction movies.

Pictures are from the following.Meet Eric Guth, the photographer who documents the eerie world beneath the glaciers | Mail Online

A geologistLouis AgassyFollowing the footsteps of Mr. Eric Guth, photographed by glacier of the Swiss Alps on his way to travel.

Eric Guth (30 years old) from Portland, Oregon, is attracted to glaciers from a young age and it is a natural trend to think of shooting glaciers when a camera is transferred to a mother who is a photographer He said that. It is a mission to explore and photograph spectacular glaciers around the world, and even now I have visited dozens of glaciers, I'm afraid I will breath without touching the beauty.

In ArgentinaRoss GraciaresIn the glacial cave of the national park.

Also in Los Glaciares. A male wearing a helmet is with Mr. Justin Gardiner who accompanied her.

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