An unknown 'northernmost island in the world' is newly discovered

A new 'northern island on earth' was discovered by a research team on an expedition to Greenland, located in the Arctic Circle.

Arctic expedition discovers the most northerly island on Earth – University of Copenhagen

Newly discovered island is the closest land to the North Pole | Live Science

A research team at the University of Copenhagen was on an expedition to northern Greenland in July 2021 to collect research samples. Researchers thought they were standing on Oodaaq, the 'northernmost island,' but expedition leader Morten Rasch posted a photo on Facebook and published the coordinates. As a result, people called 'island hunters' pointed out that 'it is not the coordinates of Oodaaq.' An island hunter is an amateur explorer who seeks out unknown islands.

The following is a post actually made by Mr. Rasch.

Rasch and his colleagues contacted experts at the Technical University of Denmark and started the investigation. It turned out that Rasch had an error in his GPS and that the place he thought was Oodaaq was actually a new 'island' north of it. With this discovery, Greenland's territory is said to have expanded slightly.

The new, unnamed island is said to be about 780 meters north of Cape Morris Jesup , the northernmost point on the mainland of Greenland. The size of this island is about 30m x 60m, and the altitude is about 3-4m. The land is composed of seabed mud and sediment, and soil and rocks left behind in glaciers. Researchers believe that 'as a result of the great storm, those that were on the ocean floor were pushed up and gradually scraped into the shape of an island.'

However, the island is believed to be short-lived and can disappear quickly in the event of a major storm.

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