"Torne (Torne)" which can record terrestrial digital broadcasting with PS3, to further enhance the function for the holiday shopping season

Even during the game you can record terrestrial digital broadcasts and transfer recorded programs to PSPDedicated terrestrial digital tuner for PS3 "torne (Torune)"Was released in March this year, it became clear that further enhancement will be carried out for the holiday shopping season.

In the update done in June, it also supports "triple mode" which realizes long-time recording using AVC compression and chase playback etc.Although it is "torne", which is a major advantage that you can add functions by updating, etc., it seems that the unit sales also are performing well.

Details are as below.
"Torne" sales is on the rise 400,000 units SCE, strengthening functions for the end - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)

According to the Sankei Shimbun news report, the number of Sony Computer Entertainment's PS3 peripheral device "torne (Torne)" has exceeded 420,000 units by the end of September 2010. Since the number of domestic shipments of Blu-ray recorders in 2009 is 330,000 units, the sales of torne is "better than expected".

As a background for the successful sales, torne has a variety of entertaining features unique to game companies, as well as the acceptance of an inexpensive suggested retail price of 9980 yen, the year-end sales battle It is said that it aims at further sales increase towards.

In addition, Sony Computer Entertainment personnel are saying, "We are preparing for further enhancement for the end of the year when we see more TVs," so it seems that a new update will be offered for the holiday season.

Incidentally, torne realizes high-speed response by using the Cell processor of PS3 which has high processing capability, and it is possible to scroll program schedule comfortably unexpectedly in ordinary recorder, interval of 15 seconds, 30 seconds The powerful scene search function that displays thumbnails on the screen and allows you to select scenes you want to watch can be checked with the following movie.

YouTube - torne series of actions

The content of the update is also worrisome, but if you install two "tuner" torne corresponding to BS digital broadcasting and 110 degree CS digital broadcasting and loading two tuners, another channel is also watching the terrestrial digital broadcasting If there are things like new models that can record, the convenience of the user seems to be higher.

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