"Torne (Torune)" which can record terrestrial digital broadcasting with PS3, soaring even after one month elapsed from release

You can record terrestrial digital broadcasts while playing games, and you can transfer recorded programs to PSPDedicated terrestrial digital tuner for PS3 "torne (Torune)"Has been released on March 18, about a month has passed.

In addition to the Blu-ray disc playback function, it also supports up-convert function that can convert DVD to high definition image quality, supports AV playback in various formats including H.264 format recorded on external HDD Also has a high potential PS 3 becomes a digital terrestrial recorder Convenience gained popularity,Sales in the first week of sales amounted to 66 thousand unitsHowever, it seems that the soaring prices continue to receive high popularity.

Details are as below.
Price .com - SCE torne (Torne) CECH-ZD1J Price comparison

Major price information site "Price .com"As of 11:55 on April 15th, the cheapest selling price of the terrestrial digital broadcast tuner" torne "for PS3 seems to be 9980 yen equal to the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

The price fluctuation graph looks something like this. Just before the release date of March 18, the lowest price has jumped up to about 17,000 yen, and the day when the lowest price constantly exceeds 10,000 yen continues even after the release.
Price .com - SCE torne (Torne) CECH-ZD1J Price change history

In most cases, electric appliances compete with each other competitively before they are released, so they will lower pricesProducts that were expensive at the outset were also downgraded to an affordable price one month after it was releasedMany cases were seen that, indeedThe slimmed new PS3 main body was also released in September last year and sold at a price lower than the manufacturer's suggested retail price by 3000 yen or more in 2 weeksIt was done.

However, it is only after the first month of launch that the lowest price becomes the same as the manufacturer's suggested retail price, and it is still very much that we are selling at a price far exceeding the suggested retail price, except for stores that sell at the lowest price Is not it rare?

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