How much will it cost if you bought the PS3 main unit cheaply with the terrestrial digital recording kit "torne"?

"Torne (Torune)" that Sony can record terrestrial digital broadcasting on PS3 released in March can also make PS3 a terrestrial digital recorder,Early on sale, we recorded very strong salesHowever, if you purchase the PS3 body and torne to build an environment where you can easily record terrestrial digital broadcasting now, how much can you buy it?

Details are as below.
Price .com - SONY Playstation 3 HDD 120GB Charcoal · Black CECH-2000A Compare Prices

According to the major price information site "", the PS3 main unit which can be purchased at the lowest price as of August 7, 2010 2:30 on August 7, 2010 was the thin model first equipped with 120 GB HDD which was released on September 3, 2009 The bullet "CECH - 2000A", the price is 22,800 yen.

This is "CECH-2000A". The coloring is charcoal black.

Price .com - SCE torne (Torne) CECH-ZD1J Price comparison

And at 2:30 on August 7, 2010, the price of "torne" main unit is 7944 yen, and if purchased together with "CECH-2000A", the total amount will be 37,44 yen.

"Torne" body. It is a dedicated tuner that uses USB connection to PS3.

In addition, the 160 GB model of the new PS3 "CECH-2500" released on July 29 and the "terrestrial digital recorder pack" with "torne" set became a set of 3 33,770 at 2:30 on August 7, 2010 Because it is sold in yen, it seems that the above combination becomes cheaper about 2500 yen ... ....

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