Picture taken beautifully with super slow motion to see how bubbles break

As soap bubbles flick with fingers it cracks in a blink of an eye and in the human eye the bubbles that existed there until a moment seem to have disappeared. However, if you take that momentary event with a slow motion camera, you can see that it is a really beautiful phenomenon.

Pictures are from the following.Super-slow-motion pictures show soap bubble bursting in stunning detail | Mail Online

Richard Heeks, a British Exeter photographer, chose a day without a wind using a camera with a shutter speed of one-fifth of a second, and challenged to shoot.

Soap bubbles consist of three layers, a structure in which a thin layer of water is sandwiched between layers of soap molecules. Regardless of what shape you initially, all the soap bubbles try to approach the spheres with the lowest surface area and energy efficiency.

A breathtaking moment. This finger belongs to Mr. Heeks's wife Sarah. A slightly nervous looking Sarah is reflected in the soap bubble.

It seems that it took me a month to see the shots of this remark since I got the idea by watching the nie playing with soap bubbles. I prepared a camera for macro shooting, picked the quietest place in my garden, waited for a day without wind.

Water droplets look like a thin needle because of inertia for a while because it is moving in the direction (away from the finger) pulled by surface tension.

Water droplets will slowly fall to the ground by gravity.

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