A 6-year-old boy drawing a picture of adults

The watercolor shown in the picture above is drawn by a 6 - year - old boy and seems to be talked about in the UK. It is only about a year ago that this boy began drawing in earnest, but he said that he improved amazingly in a short period of time.

I say that "I like good things", but is there still a talent existence?

Details are from the following.
Pictured: Incredible watercolor paintings by boy aged just SIX | Mail Online

Kieron Williamson (6 years old) who painted this watercolor painting this.

Kieron seems to have never painted until last spring, but when I went to Devon and Cornwall on my family trip last May, I heard that he began drawing pictures of landscape charm. The thing that I drew at that time seemed to be a picture which a 5 year old child had drawn, but as I got to receive art classes since I came back from the trip, I was able to improve my skill to lose adults as I looked forward.

A little childishness remains in the signature.

A picture of a street with a lake.

A watercolor painting a church.

A picture drawn by imagining the streets of Norfolk in eastern England

Kieron seems to have sent a picture of himself drawn by Queen Elizabeth, but he seems to have no reply and this time he seems to be sending pictures to Prince Charles. He also seems to be preparing to do his first solo exhibition at a neighboring gallery.

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