The world's first 'masturbation box' that is not a telephone booth appears on the street

According to a survey that about 39% of people working in New York say that they masturbate at work to relieve work stress, a major sex toy manufacturer has a small box for masturbating ' GuyFi ' Is installed on the street.

'GuyFi' booth brings welcome relief to overworked men in NYC / The Digital Newsroom

The company simply put a cloth over a phone booth in what amounted to a marketing gimmick. Inside was a chair and a laptop

GuyFi was planned by the sex toy brand Hot Octopuss , which uses the existing phone booth construction as it is. A black curtain is hung at the entrance, and a laptop and a chair connected to the Internet are prepared in the box. The company's advertisement is pasted on the wall, and the usage fee is free. It was used by about 100 people on the first day of installation.

Hot Octopuss co-founder Adam Lewis said, 'Working from 9am to 5pm every day can be mentally and physically stressful. In a city like Manhattan that doesn't sleep 24 hours a day. This tendency is so pronounced that it is important for men to take care of themselves, stay healthy, and create an environment where they can concentrate on the work in front of them. To do this, take a break away from the office. Is very important. '

According to Lewis, Hot Octopuss is constantly looking for ways for busy modern people to improve their daily lives, and GuyFi is part of that project. Users are free to use GuyFi, 'I want New Yorkers to enjoy GuyFi,' Lewis said.

Hot Octopuss is known as the developer of the world's first men's vibrator, PULSE, and is working to disseminate the health benefits of masturbation while eliminating the embarrassment of sex toys for men. The reason why GuyFi was installed on the streets of Manhattan is, 'By having many office workers try GuyFi, we moved the place to masturbate to an appropriate environment other than the office, and refreshed enough even with a short break. To make people realize that they can make a significant contribution to their health and productivity. '

One scientist said, 'Men's masturbation has been shown to relieve depression and stress and increase self-esteem. Masturbating as a way to stay healthy in a speedy and stressful work environment. Is very effective, 'he said, and masturbating for about 15 minutes at a time can greatly improve productivity in the workplace. Hot Octopuss plans to install boxes in major cities in the United States and London, mainly in Manhattan, if GuyFi installed in Manhattan is popular.

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