I bought "Ultraman & Baltan Mang" at Ultraman & Balutan Star in circle, and tried it at Family Mart

Born in 1966 and celebrating its 50th birthday this year "Ultraman"Family Mart collaboratedFamima winter festaIt started on January 19, 2016. As part of this project, Ultraman and Chinese Writers collaborated "Ultraman & Baltan"Has appeared in Family Mart in limited quantity, and opportunities to circle Ultraman and Ultra monster are not so much! So, I bought it and tried it at once.

Ultraman (soy sauce meat) | Product Information | FamilyMart

Baltan Mang (salt meat bean) | Product Information | FamilyMart

I bought "Ultraman" and "Baltan Mang" at FamilyMart.

The wrapping is the same as the other wooden bun ... ....

It looks like a different thing. Ultraman on the left, inside is a pork meat seasoned with soy sauce base. The blue on the right is Bartan, with a salty base based pork sauce.

Looking at the Ultraman on the upside looks like this. It is a simple appearance, but the eye, mouth, Tosaka, and even the red part under the neck has been reproduced, it is Ultraman from anywhere.

Eyes and mouth are protruding a little.

Ultraman's identity and also Tosaka can be reproduced brilliantly.

It was about the size of the palm of an adult man.

If you look closely, the mountain of Chinese food is also used exclusively.

The red part of the neck ......

It spreads to the back side of Chinese bread.

That's why I tried it at once. Gray is a coloring that has not been seen so far, but the taste is ordinary soy sauce taste pig meat. Because it looks awkward, I tried to eat it a bit, but if you do not see the Ultraman you have in hand, it is a level that you can not tell at all from ordinary pig milk.

The section looks something like this. Inner ingredients include pork, onion and bamboo shoots.

This is Bartan. The whole is colored with vivid light blue color and it looks like it can not say anything.

It seems that you do not know which is up or down, but it is correct that putting the scissors' cuts upwards with Barutan star scissors with a shape like a horse's hooves on the side of Chinese bread.

The eyes of Bartan is like a section of an egg.

So I will try to eat it by breaking it with Pakari.

Although the cross section of Baltan Mang is a look that seems to diminish appetite rather than the section of Ultraman, the taste is also ordinary here as well. Baltan is a salty sweet potato, and the ingredients contain onions and bamboo shoots as well as Ultraman.

Furthermore, since "Ultraman" and "Baltan Mang" are limited sales of 200 yen including tax and 400,000 meals each, it seems better to eat people who are interested in advance as soon as possible.

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