When the commuting time increases by 20 minutes, the satisfaction level of work equivalent to salary 19% cut decreases

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In recent years I work from home remotelyRemote workSome people are taking the way, but still the majority of the people has to commute using the train or bus from home to workplace. However, the latest studies conducted in the United Kingdom, commuting time has been found to have reduced that job satisfaction enough to correspond with that 20 minutes increase the salary is reduced by 19%.

Long commutes to work are as bad as a pay cut when it comes to happiness and wellbeing
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Extra 20 minutes commuting per day 'equivalent to 19% pay cut' for job satisfaction | London Evening Standard

Study traffic behavior at the University of Western EnglandKiron ChatterjeeResearch teams by associate professors said that the commuting status of 26,000 employees working in the UK areWell-beingWe have investigated what kind of impact it has on the basis of the data of the past five years. As a result, it turns out that satisfaction with both work and leisure decreases when commuting time is long. In addition, the result showed that stress increased and the state of mental health worsened.

Some of the workers endure a long commute time in order to get a high salary and improve work satisfaction, but this behavior may possibly create the opposite effect at all. Associate Professor Chatterjee said, "This research raises the question of whether additional income that can be withstood long commuting time is enough to compensate for the negative aspects that commuting time creates."

Although commuting time is the same, it is also found that those who commute to work on foot or by bicycle do not decrease satisfaction with leisure time, and bus commuting is more negative than other commuting methods. In terms of train commuting, we found that the greater the distance traveled, the less stress is than the person with a smaller travel distance.

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Also, the results of survey showed that the degree of job satisfaction is affected by long commuting time is higher for women than for men.

However, evidence has not been found that long commuting time has a major impact on overall satisfaction with life. The fact that people withstand a long commute time is often the purpose of improving the employment situation, having a house, improving the home environment, the reason that these factors are largely related to the satisfaction of the whole life It is seen. In this regard, Associate Professor Chatterjee said, "This does not mean that we can not disregard the influence that long commuting time has on subjective well-being. It is accepted as a long commuting time" price to pay " It may be due to whether it is unavoidably thought that it is a social standard. "

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