The New York Transportation Bureau sends an illustration of ``No mask, nose mask, nose only mask OK'' and burns into a meme

On September 8, 2022, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which operates public transportation in New York, announced that it will abolish the obligation to wear a mask and make it optional, and wear it with your nose out of the mask. We released comical illustrations and slogans depicting people who are Experts criticized the message, which could be seen as encouraging people to wear masks incorrectly and to use public transportation without wearing a mask, and some people posted funny images of MTA illustrations on SNS. also appeared.

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The MTA released an illustration with a similar slogan on September 8, 2022, saying ``Masks are recommended but optional.'' In this illustration, 'Yes' is written for those who wear masks, those who have their noses out of the masks, and those who do not wear masks, and those who wear masks only on their noses. It says 'You do you'.

The MTA's decision follows New York Governor Kathy Houkle's announcement that mask-wearing requirements on public transportation will be lifted starting September 8. Regarding the illustration, the MTA said, ``To prevent passenger confusion, authorities have decided to launch a new campaign inside subway, bus, and train stations and onboard.This digital signage will continue for passengers who wish to wear a mask. While urging people to wear a mask, we will inform them that wearing a mask is optional.'

However, as soon as the announcement was posted on social media, a flurry of critical comments came from experts. Louise Ivers, director of the Harvard Institute for Global Health and the Center for Global Health at Massachusetts General Hospital, said, 'Wow, 'You do you' is something I can't help but comment on while I'm refraining from tweeting about COVID-19. I am appalled at the state of public health communication.”

In addition, former Surgeon General Jerome Adams compared the MTA's message encouraging people to wear masks since 2020, saying, ``No matter how you feel about masks, this is a terrible (and harmful) message.'' said.

In addition, New York's Center for Disabilities and Independent Assistance (CIDNY) in New York said in a statement released following the MTA's announcement, ``CIDNY is disappointed with the decision to make masks unnecessary on public transportation. Disabled and immunocompromised people are at higher risk than others, and removing the mandatory mask requirement could exacerbate this risk. The image to be introduced is shared, but this is dangerous.'

On the other hand, there are also many funny rewritten illustrations of MTA illustrations posted. Epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding said, ``The person who designed the poster should be fired. This is misinformation about masks that endanger the public!'' I posted an illustration that wrote 'You do you' to people and urged reflection that the MTA poster was the same as this.

Others replace masks with cigarettes

person who compares to a contraceptive

Person who erases other than mask wearer saying 'I fixed it'

Some people pointed out that 173 MTA employees died due to the new coronavirus infection, while adding the story of Dancing Pole Bearers, also known as coffin dance.

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