What is a mysterious female 'robe' that appears with a horror or grotesque background when using image generation AI?

The creation of fictional characters and landscapes using image generation AI is attracting attention, but the system trains machine learning with over 100 million images, and the generated images are unpredictable. It has become a thing. Regarding such image generation AI, an AI artist has posted a report that ``There is a woman who appears in common with multiple image generation AIs with a horror and disturbing image''.

Why Does This Horrifying Woman Keep Appearing in AI-Generated Images?

Supercomposite, a musician and AI image generator, posted the following tweet on September 6, 2022, saying, ``This is a true horror story, and it's rapidly going in a spooky direction.'' The woman, which Supercomposite calls a 'robe,' is recreated much more often than the celebrities that the image-generating AI might have learned a lot from, especially when accompanied by eerie images such as horror and grotesque. He said he would.

According to Supercomposite, lobes were first discovered as a result of a technique called 'negative prompt weights.' Negative prompt weighting is the setting of negative (negative) weighting of ``the opposite of this command'' when determining the weighting of various terms in the data set and adjusting the likelihood that they will be reflected in the results. and let AI generate images.

Mr. Supercomposite first set the actor Marlon Brando, who was active in the 20th century, to a negative weight and entered it into AI. Then, an image containing a castle-like silhouette and the logo 'DIGITA PNTICS' was displayed as an 'image opposite to Marlon'.

Therefore, Mr. Supercomposite added the word 'DIGITA PNTICS skyline logo' for the experiment 'If you generate an image that is the exact opposite of Marlon's image as a reference, will it be a picture of Marlon Brand?' was set to negative and entered into AI. Then, all the images became `` images of elderly women with inverted triangle scars and redness on their cheeks '', all of which had a dark and eerie atmosphere like horror. The image of this woman, named Robe by Supercomposite, spreads on Twitter, and many people are finding women similar to Robe from images generated by image generation AI. They're all spooky, and some of them are pretty shocking, so be careful when browsing.

Supercomposite speculates, ``Because Robe was discovered using negative prompts, her image is thought to be created by collecting ``characteristics that are equally distant from something.'' Also, when robes appear, almost without exception, the images are combined with images of horror, violence, and gore. And in the knowledge you learn, something about this woman borders on a very brutal and creepy image.'

When I checked which image generation AI was used by Motherboard , which mainly handles IT news at Vice Media , to generate the image of the robe, Supercomposite said, ``Unfortunately, for various reasons, which image generation AI is not confirmed. I can't deny it, but I can confirm that lobes exist in multiple image generation AIs,' he declined to provide details.

Motherboard said on this matter, ``It is impossible to know exactly what is going on here.The system of image generation AI has been trained on billions of images and is complex, so it reaches a specific result. It is simply too big, the consequences are too unpredictable, and the harmful consequences cannot be reliably prevented.' Limiting and elucidating the function of AI is currently not going well, and Motherboard says that existence like a robe will function like an urban legend as `` Creepypasta in the AI era '' for a while. .

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