The long-awaited masterpiece of shooting fans resurrected and tried playing "Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers" with fully new mode

The shooting game that first appeared as a Taito arcade game in 1986 "Darius"Darius Burst Another Chronicle" and "Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX" are equipped with a completely new "CS mode" to PlayStation Vita · PlayStation 4 · Windows "Darius Burst Chronicles SabersI will return as. This time online store "Charaani"Bookwalker"Ebten"PS Vita version Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers" scheduled to be released only, so I actually tried playing it.

Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers Official Site

Online Store Limited Edition Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers.

Aligning with the 5.2 inch Nexus 5X, you can see the size of the package.

On the back of the package there is a summary of the game, Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers said that they are equipped with "AC mode" which completely transplanted the arcade version and "CS mode" of the original new work.

I will open the package.

Inside was "PS Vita Version Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers", "DRIUS ODYSSEY Official Setting Booklet CA Ver." "Original Arrange Album CD" was included.

The official setting materials collection is full volume with 175 pages in all.

It is the official setting material collection that the color 8P, the new 16P of monochrome 8P was added to "DRIUS ODYSSEY official setting material collection".

In addition to the rough sketches of stages and characters,Kanemori EbikawaDrawing down on Mr. New Boss illustration,Fujimaru AoMr. Drawing "WARNING !! Darius" has been recorded, one book unbearable for fans.

Twelve songs are included in the original arrangement album where ZUNTATA and 4 luxurious guest arrangers participated.

I will play the Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers by looking closely at the limited item.

When you start PS Vita, select "Start".

Immediately after the game starts, Darius' famous machines will appear.

Be careful as it may not be saved properly when turning off the power or exiting the application during auto save.

Darius Burst Chronicle Sabers is online compatible, and some functions such as ranking can not be used unless it is connected to the network.

Darius Burst Chronicle Sabers is equipped with "AC mode" which is a complete transplant of arcade version and "CS mode" of original new work, try playing CS mode first.

At the beginning of the game you can only play "Oruriba" area.

After deciding on the area, choose from "Preset" which the item is set from the beginning on the fuselage, or "Select" where the player can set items etc. However, when starting the game you can select "Preset" only.

From the "Select" what kind of aircraft are in, I found a new aircraft called "Murakumo". However, I need 1.5 million points, I can endure patience with suppressing the feelings I want to use now.

The movie playing "Oruriba" can be checked from the following.

Play area "Oruriba (α zone)" in CS mode of "Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers" - YouTube

When you select the aircraft, the game starts. Operation method will fire shot (anti-aircraft attack) and bomb (ground attack) with "□ button" depressed.

When you defeat an enemy with colors such as red, green, yellow, drop a power up item. For example, taking a red item ......

Power up shots from two to three. In addition, since the items red (RED-ITEM) will shoot the shot level, green (GREEN-ITEM) will bomb level, blue (BLUE-LEVEL) will power up the arm level (durability), so actively take You should go to, but if you lose your desire it may get caught quickly.

If you press and hold "X" button, you can fire a powerful beam "burst" by consuming the gauge at the bottom left of the screen. Although burst gauge decreases when using burst, you can accumulate gauge by "attacking enemies" "hit bullets" "erase enemy bullets".

In addition, you can quickly press the "x" button twice and you can place burst parts that emit powerful beams in the air. The installation burst has less burst gauge consumption than the burst beam, and can attack for a long time. The shooting direction is fixed only while pressing the shot button and when you release the shot button the burst beam firing direction rotates and you will get pleasure when you operate it well and aim for shooting.

Kill an enemy that appears as a watermark on the screen ... ...

Drop the rays that fall from the sky ... ...

When "WARNING !!" is displayed, it is the beginning of the boss fight.

In the first area, a new boss, the crab-shaped huge battleship was waiting.

A crab-shaped gigantic battleship wields large claws and moves screens across the screen.

I will also fire an intense beam (burst) from the tip of my feet. In addition, when burst is used at the position where beams are received at the moment when the burst is used, it will fire a powerful counter beam, but this time it has failed.

I managed to clear it while desperately trying to get out bullets and beams.

After clearing the first stage (alpha zone) of Oruriba, we will proceed to the next stage.

You can see how you are playing the next stage β zone or γ zone from the following movie. Since bosses that appeared in past works also come out, people from old fans may feel nostalgic.

I tried to play the area "Oruriba (beta zone)" in CS mode of "Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers" - YouTube

Play area "Oruriba (γ zone)" in CS mode of "Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers" - YouTube

If you clear all the zones of Oruriba ......

An area that can be played has been added. Depending on the area, one of the three mission modes of "original mode" to capture the zone, "defender" to protect the friend from the enemy's wavy attack and "scramble" to record the time to clear the area is set , The airframe and rules that can be selected are different, it is a pleasant place to play not just to beat down.

Now that I've played CS mode crisply, I will play "AC mode" which has completely transplanted the arcade version.

When the title is displayed, press any button.

In AC mode, there are "original" aiming at zone clear, "chronicle mode" to clear various missions, "original EX mode" with high difficulty, "event mode" scheduled to be held officially, This time I play "Original Mode". In addition, in chronicle mode, it is surprising to say that more than 3000 stages are recorded.

Because play is not very good, I try to play with "remaining machine infinite entry" which does not become game over no matter how many times the stock of the aircraft decreases.

The difficulty level of the game is "EASY" selected.

I chose the aircraft and the start of the game.

You can check the movie that played EASY's "ZONE A" in AC mode of "Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers" from the following.

Play EASY's "ZONE A" in AC mode of "Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers" - YouTube

Because the arcade version of the transplant is sometimes the screen is landscape.

The operation method is exactly the same as CS mode. People who have played before can soak in nostalgic feelings.

When "WARNING !!" is displayed, start a battle with the boss.

The first boss is a Kingfisher of the coelacanthous battleship. When you defeat the boss, you advance to the next zone.

I tried challenging recklessly to HARD mode after playing EASY mode.

Play HARD's "ZONE C" in AC mode of "Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers" - YouTube

"Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers" will be on sale on January 14, 2015, PS Vita regular version is 5,800 yen excluding tax, download version (January 15 release date) is 4800 yen, the shop limited edition reviewed this time 9800 yen. In addition, PS4 and Windows are only released as download version, and the price is 6800 yen without tax.

In addition, the original soundtrack of "Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers" is on sale, and furthermore, on February 24, 2016, the main composer of the "Darius Burst" series Shohei Tsuchiya's solo album is scheduled to be released.

ZUNTATA OFFICIAL SITE "Z - Field" - ZTTL - 0076 Darius Burst Chronicle Sabers Original Soundtrack


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