I tried to play "Darius Burst CS" because Taito's masterpiece shooter 3 works and boss practice mode appear in DLC

On January 14, 2015 I revived with a completely new mode of "Darius Burst Chronicles Sabers"As the latest DLC TAITO's"Night striker"Metal black"Reflection"Participating in the battle, furthermore the boss dedicated mode will be installed. In addition to the nostalgic masterpiece shooting game aircraft, I played the stages using BGM of each game, I was able to get the latest DLC that I can practice all six bosses one step before the delivery date so I played crisply I tried.

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The "DLC mode" added to the menu screen becomes the DLC exclusive mode where the aircraft of the collaboration work appears. "DLC mode" will be added if you purchase even one download content of Taito.

"Boss practice mode" which became a surprise even in DLC is included in "TAITO Pack" which is unlocked when one of Taito's DLC works is purchased. In addition to "boss practice mode", special modes such as "Defender" "Scrumble" are recorded.

You can check how you play "Twin Claw" in "Boss practice mode" from each of the following movies. In addition, any DLC aircraft purchased can be used.

◆ Taito Pack
TAITO PACK contains three bosses, "C. Nightmare", "Savage Ruler", "Twin Claw". I challenged "Twin Claw" which is one of them with "X-lay" of "Rayforce".

Boss practice mode "Twin Claw (Twin Claw)" Darius Burst CS latest DLC - YouTube

When purchasing the latest DLC's "Night Striker", "Metal Black", "Rayforth", you can not only use each aircraft, but also use the "dedicated stage" using BGM of each content, the stage selected from CS MODE "CS MODE "It is possible to play" Darius various stages "of a new general-purpose stage. Just buy one of the DLCs will allow you to play all the stages.

◆ Taito "Night Striker"
"Night striker" for business shooters which started operation in 1989 can operate "inter gray".

"Inter gray" changes the performance of the shot with the direction key input, it is possible to fire the missile by consuming the gauge by pressing the burst button.

The appearance of playing the dedicated stage at "Inter gray" of "Night striker" can be confirmed from the following movie.

Play Taillo 'Night Striker' 'Intergray' Darius Burst CS Latest DLC - YouTube

◆ Taito "Metal Black"
"Metal black" of horizontal scroll shooting starting operation in 1991 can operate "black fly".

Gauge gathered by getting "NEWALONE", the power of the shot varies depending on the amount of gauge. If you press and hold the burst button, you can fire "convergent beam" and shortly press "release beam".

The appearance of playing a dedicated stage with "Black Fly" of "Metal Black" can be confirmed from the following movie.

Play Taillio "Metal Black" "Black Fly" Play Darius Burst CS Latest DLC - YouTube

◆ Taito "Rayforce"
"Rayforce" of vertical scroll shooting starting operation in 1994 can operate "Xrei".

By capturing the enemy within the "lock on marker" range in front of yourself "lock on" and pressing the "burst button" you can fire the automatic tracking lock on laser.

The appearance of playing the dedicated stage at "X-ray" of "Rayforce" can be confirmed from the following movie.

Taito play "Xrei" of "Reflection" Darius Burst CS latest DLC - YouTube

In addition to the above, you can also play a new stage or boss dedicated mode on nine aircraft of the past Darius series.

Darius Burst CS The latest DLC's Taito 3 works "Night Striker", "Metal Black" and "Ray Force" each cost 500 yen (tax included), 1200 yen in 3 sets. It is scheduled to be released simultaneously on PS4 version, PS Vita version, Windows version on March 17, 2016. Since PS4 version and PS Vita version can share DLC, you can enjoy DLC with 2 models if you purchase one of them.

We also decided to distribute the "Aircraft" and "Dedicated Stage" of Sega's "Space Harrier" "Galaxy Force II" "Fantasy Zone". This is going to be a very promising DLC ​​too.

* Screens may differ from the actual screens for those under development.

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