Donut shaped power tap "MOGICS Power Donut & Bagel" that seems to be useful in travel

Even though it is small size, the power tap with a shape like a donut that seems to be useful when traveling with four outlets and two USB ports is "MOGICS Power Donut"MOGICS Power Bagel"is.

MOGICS Power Donut & amp; Bagel - Share the Power, Save the Space by MOGICS - Kickstarter

This is "MOGICS Power Donut"

Size that can be put in breast pocket

Capacity is 1512 W (240 V) · 756 W (120 V).

There are 4 outlets and 2 USB ports.

The problem with normal power strips is that you can not insert anything that is hard around the plug, such as an iPad or camera battery charger.

However, if the tap is a donut type, there is no fear of interference with each other.

The winding cord for power supply extending from the main body is 3 feet (about 90 cm) in length.

Even if smartphones etc. are placed around the PC, it can be covered collectively with this one.

With "MOGICS Power Bagel", the outlet part becomes a universal socket, and it can be used in any of American, European, British and Oceanian types.

In case of a person who had taken this kind of baggage up to now ......

This can be reduced.

The middle part of the donut is ...

It is "MOGICS Adapter", you can change the plug for power supply to European type, British type, Oceania type.

When traveling abroad, it is well known that a conversion adapter is essential if you think to use electric products, but if MOGICS Power Donut and Bagel, it covers it together with the role of the power strip.

Asa Lin developed by this person.

Currently, KickStarter is seeking investment and more than $ 116,000 (about 13.7 million yen) has gathered against the target of $ 15,000 (about 1.8 million yen). The products that can be obtained according to the investment amount are as follows.

1 dollar (about 118 yen) or more:Notification of development information
29 dollars (about 3400 yen) or more:One "Power Donut" or one "Power Bagel"
$ 39 (about 4,600 yen) or more:One "Power Donut or Bagel" and one "Mogics Adapter"

The deadline of investment is 12:28 on Monday, February 29, 2016.

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