"Pirated games will be gone within two years," a cracker group warns

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"Bird Sister", the founder of the notorious Chinese cracker group "3DM", said, "Copyguard technology is outpacing crack technology, and pirate games that can be played free within 2 years may be gone There was nothing to say "I understood that it was speaking. "Protecting the latest games in recent years from crackers"DenuvoAbout copy protection technology, written in TorrentFreak.

No More Pirated Games in Two Years, Cracking Group Warns - TorrentFreak

Copy protection was broken until most of the games released so far reached the release date, and there was a lot of circumstances that pirated editions first appeared. There are numerous piracy exclusive forums including 3DM around the world, but overseas on December 1, 2015, in Japan also scheduled to be released on January 21, 2016Just Cause 3It is a topic of the forum.

Just Cause 3 is a game like the following.

ABOUT | Just Causes 3 | SQUARE ENIX

Just Cause 2 of the previous work is a title which has gained popularity all over the world and despite there is a big demand for new work, Just Cause 3 is a state where pirated editions are not circulating even after the release date. What is preventing Jack Cause 3 from such a cracker's attack is the latest copy protection technology called "Denuvo" which is the second encryption technology to protect existing DMR technology. Even in 2014 Denuvo "Dragon Age: Inquisition"It is known for protecting the popular game of one month from the release date.

Eventually 3DM broke Denuvo's robust protection, but there was no precedent for the technology that prevented cracking over a month, after that Denuvo was adopted for the FIFA series. As a result, the latest "FIFA 16"Although even months have passed since its release, the pirated version has not yet been released. Therefore, whether pirated users can break Just Cause 3 which adopts Denuvo is argued as "troublesome problem" among pirated users.

Meanwhile, Bird Sister, a founder of the cracker group 3DM (Phoenix, another name) appeared in the forum, and it is drawing attention that it talked about frustration of cracking against the latest Just Cause 3. Bird Sister says, "Recently, many people are asked" Just Cause 3 is still ", so I will answer them here collectively.To actually, Jun of the member who was doing cracking because the last stage was too difficult I raised my roots and I told him to do my best a bit. "

The word frequently spoken in a pirated forum says that there is a word "if there is a will to break copy protection, there is a way there," but Bird Sister said, "I am still in the area to break Just Cause 3 I believe that, from the trend of the evolution of the current encryption technology, I am worried that free piracy will disappear from the world within two years. " Because it's a very long term for technology for two years, no one knows how things will roll, but the top of the world's top cracker seems not to be optimistic about the current situation.


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