It turned out that some game makers invalidated the strongest copy guard "Denuvo"

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Those who copied the content without permission are called "pirated", but pirated contents which are very troublesome for these right holders are rampant in various industries such as music, movies, and games. As a way to stop such piracyDigital rights management(DRM) exist, and it is said that it is the strongest copy guard technology in the game industry "Denuvo"Is one such DRM related technology. However, despite the adoption of Denuvo at the beginning of release in some games, it is clear that Denuvo has been invalidated from a certain time.

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There are various kinds of copy guard technologies used in the game industry. Rightsholders protect their games from piracy by using their copy guard technology, but there seems to be a lot of situations in which pirated copies are on the market as cracked before the release date. Meanwhile, Denuvo is known for its breakthrough to be quite difficult, such as preventing cracks for over 9 months since its release at the game "Just Cause 3" released in December 2015.

However, Denuvo which was introduced in "INSIDE" released in July 2016 was cracked in a short period of time from release and it became a big topic. Initially it was thought that Denuvo broke through in a week, but in realityIt took six weeksThat's right.

Copy guard "Denuvo" which was the strongest fort for pirated game is broken in only one week - GIGAZINE

Nevertheless Denuvo, which had been useful for protecting game contents from crackers who create pirated copies for a longer period than other copy guard technologies, but in December 2016 some introduced games It became clear that Denuvo was invalidated from a certain time.

Some games that invalidate Denuvo are popular titles released in May 2016 "DOOM"And two titles of" INSIDE "that became a topic that was cracked in August. Overseas news media Ars Technica is seeking comments from Bethesda which is a distributor of DOOM, Playdead which is the distributor of INSIDE, and Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH which is the developer of Denuvo, but at the time of creating the article, the response is It is not obtained.

However, online bulletin boardRedditA user who is a developer related to Denuvo said that "there is a provision that the contract with Denuvo responds to a refund if the game is cracked within a certain period of time", and DOOM There is also opinion that INSIDE may have issued a refund using this clause. As mentioned above, INSIDE was cracked about 6 weeks from release, DOOM was about 4 months from release.

In the past two years, Denuvo is the best-in-class copy guard technology, and only some games can introduce the expensive service. Up to now,Deus Ex: Mankind DividedYaMillers Edge Catalyst,Rise of the Tomb RaiderAlthough it is the same technology adopted also in Ars Technica, Ars Technica says, "If one of these titles invalidates Denuvo's protection in future, the possibility that a refund clause will exist in the contract will increase."

· Additional notes 2016/12/20 12: 56
Robert Hernandez, co-founder of Denuvo, explained why the company's copy guard technology was invalidated at DOOM.

Denuvo Says Doom Dropped Their Anti-Piracy Tech Because It Got The Job Done

According to Mr. Hernandez, Denuvo was invalidated by DOOM and INSIDE because it carried out protection for piracy from the originally planned period, and also because the rumor is "crack We will refund when we will "is not included in the contract. Hernandez said "It was wonderful to have secured a big title like DOOM for four months from piracy."

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