The strongest copy guard technology "Denuvo" was broken in 5th and a pirated version of "Biohazard 7" appeared

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Digital rights management (DRM) technology is adopted to protect contents such as music, movies, and games from illegal copying. To the game industry is said to be the strongest "Denuvo Anti-Tamper (Denuvo)There is a tamper-resistant technology to protect DRM itself, but this game with this Denuvo "Biohazard 7 Resident Evil(PC) 's piracy comes out just five days after the launch is happening.

Denuvo Piracy Crisis as Resident Evil 7 Gets Cracked in Record Time - TorrentFreak

Denuvo is a type of tamper prevention developed by the Austrian software company · Denuvo Software Solutions GmbH and is a technology for protecting DRM itself by preventing tampering with the DRM executable file. In the game industry, DRM was easily broken and the piracy had been circulated before the release date, but this Denuvo protected the popular game "Just Cause 3" in the past from the release for one month Continuing, China's cracker group "3DM" said "Copyguard technology is outpacing crack technology, and pirated games may be gone within two years,"RemarkIt was also known as the strongest piracy countermeasure technology, sometimes.

However, in August 2016 CONSPIR 4 CY of the cracker group released Denuvo installed in the game "INSIDE" released in July of the same year,Succeeded to break through in 1 week from release. In addition, this time, it turned out that pirated version of Capcom 's game "Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil" released on January 26, 2017 was circulating on the Internet only five days after its release. This 5 days is the shortest record that Denuvo ever broke down.

"BIOHAZARD 7 resident evil" Tiza CM video - YouTube

According to TorrentFreak, which distributes copyright, privacy and file sharing related news, Denuvo usually guarantees protection for several months and the fact that the biohazard 7 has been defeated in 5 days is merely to cracking In addition to shortest record renewal, it means that the world's most famous Denuvo has reached a critical phase. In the past Denuvo was sang as the strongest, but because cracking technology has evolved further, it is in a dilemma.

Denuvo commented on Eurogamer of the game related media that the biohazard 7 pirated version had circulated five days after the release.

Denuvo responds to lightning quick Resident Evil 7 PC crack •

According to Eurogamer, Thomas Gobel, marketing director of Denuvo, "Tamper prevention technology is to make cracking as difficult as possible, it does not make cracking impossible.It was able to crack biohazard 7 It is only one cracker group. " In addition, "I will learn from the cracks and use it for updating new tamper-resistant technology, I will not change this policy," he says.

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Eurogamer expects that Capcom from the developer of Resident Evil 7 will no longer adopt Denuvo for games and will demand a refund, but Mr. Gobel said, "If we are defeated by Denuvo within a certain period of time We have not set a refund for the money. "

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