Flight simulator manufacturer bundled "malware" as a countermeasure against pirated version to installer

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Manufacturers of software for PC are bothering me with various measures to counter pirated software. Flight Sim Labs making flight simulator also twists head to manage this problem and as a result executable file to record information when entering serial number circulated as pirated version is included in installer I decided to do. Among users, as a result of being talked about whether this is malware, a new version of the installer from which this executable file is removed is newly distributed.

Flight Sim Company Embeds Malware to Steal Pirates' Passwords - TorrentFreak

The Reddit user crankyrecursion noticed that the file "Test.exe" was added to the installer. As a result of investigating on its own, I found out that it is a file used as a tool to restore the password of websites deleted by Chrome and asked why this is included in the installer.

FSLabs' A 320 installer seems to include a Chrome password extraction tool: flightsim

As discussion takes place, Flight Sim Labs' Leftelis · Calamaras will appear on the official site forum.

A320-X DRM clarification - Flight Sim Labs Forums

Mr. Calamaras said "Test.exe" isDigital rights management (DRM)As a part of the part, as long as the entered serial number matches what is registered in the blacklist, it will record the information that will be needed in court battle with pirated users, I explained that I was not trying to do harm.

However, it seems that the fact that the corresponding "malware" is included in the installer that regular users also use seems to have caused the user's upset and repulsion, and two days after writing of the former forum, An installer without "Test.exe" has been released.

Among the new writing, Mr. Karamarasu is not going to do anything to break the trust of the user who purchases the product as Flight Sim Labs, and the fight against pirated edition is also severe Although it is understood that it is understood, it explained that it opened up a new installer because it caused discomfort to some users.

Copy guards are also used as anti-piracy measures, but in February 2017The strongest copy guard technology "Denuvo" is broken in 5th and a pirated version of "Resident Evil 7" appearsThere is a continuing struggle that the guard breaking evolves along with the evolution of the copy guard, and Flight Sim Labs has taken this measure this time, it is thought that it was a pity.

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