A terrible real situation of boot camp which forcibly accommodates and corrects net addicting boys and girls

There are a lot of people who are in the state of "Internet poisoning" which is getting caught in the Internet world, not only can not get out and hinders the life in the real world, but also has health problems. Internet addictionI decided to treat it as "sick"According to one opinion in China it is said that there are 24 million poisoned patients, and there is a present situation that is becoming a social problem. In such China, a boot camp type facility that forcibly accommodates and corrects Internet addicts is established and "treatment" is being done, but there seems to be few problems there.

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"We can not do anything with this girl anymore, I hope that this child will understand what is happening to you and end this nightmare to get out of that condition." Painful words.

That is what my parents have a son who is in a certain addiction symptom.

That "addiction" is never a drug, alcohol, or the like.

It refers to Internet poisoning, also known as "electronic heroin" (Electronic Heroin).

Many people fall into the situation where most of the day is spent on the Internet and other things can not be handled. It goes past mere entertainment and becomes an obsession and eats a person.

There is a reason why Internet addiction is also called "electronic heroin". According to scientists' research, functional impairment can be seen in the brains of people who are into Internet poisoning, and that situation shows a state in common with people who are into drug poisoning.

In yet another study, symptoms such as seizures occur by cutting off the internetWithdrawal symptomsHe says that he may show. This is no longer just "hooking", it's a level problem that requires medical treatment medically.

In China, where Internet poisoning is becoming a social problem, a military rehabilitation facility that opens out of poisoning has been established and many people are housed.

Tao Ran doctor who operates the Daxing camp in Beijing "has common symptoms in Internet poisoned patients and drug addicts".

The symptoms include the collapse of human relations with other people and degradation of physical function without subjective symptoms.

Also commonly seen in accommodating patients are problems such as a decrease in visual ability, deterioration of posture, deterioration of health due to eating disorders, and the like.

Most of the people who come to the Daxing camp are mostly forcibly sent to their parents.

Living in the camps, regular life and correct meals ......

And training accompanied by exercise, such as a hard life will be forced. Of course, Internet is not permitted at all.

In addition to doing medication treatment in the program, the state of treatment is grasped by monitoring the activity situation of the brain in detail.

It is a camp that is driven to a very severe situation, but in China it seems that most parents consider it appropriate for such children's treatment.

In China as a whole there are 24 million Internet addicts who are said to have Internet addicts, many of whom are young people of children and adolescents.

In China where such facilities are increasing, the existence of facilities with problems is gradually becoming apparent.

In the media of the world, there are times when reports reporting problems on the situation of camps are posted. ABC in the United States has published an article titled "The Dark and Deadly Aspect of the Internet Addiction Camp in China" ...

The Guardian in the UK posted a shocking article "Case study: treatment of electric shock to Internet addicts in China".

In the Huffenton Post, I posted an article titled "Is treatment more severe than poisoning symptoms?" And clarifies the actual condition of harsh treatment.

However, there are still many problems left for this problem. The Internet society is a relatively new element faced by mankind, and evolution is still going on. Therefore, there are scientists who need to confirm what is the right treatment one by one.

Among the accommodating patients, there are people who are afraid of the situation that they can be touched the Internet immediately after finishing treatment and returning to society.

A boy who is accommodating in the facility said, "It is frightening to return to normal life .... Also I am afraid of falling into a poisoning situation so I will stay here (camp) until I fully acquire my confidence in life, I asked if I could keep on staying for a long time "I confess.

An article reporting the actual situation of China's Internet poisoning camp can be read from the following link.

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