Casio announces a serious outdoor smart watch "WSD-F10", it can also extend the battery life by more than a month with a two-layer structure with monochrome and color liquid crystal overlaid

Swiss luxury watch brand "TAG Heuer"Smart watch with Android Wear over 180,000 yenAlthough it announced and it became a hot topic,G-SHOCKFamous "Casio" is a full-fledged outdoor Smart Watch "WSD-F 10We announced. In addition to the tough specification of 5 ATM water resistant & MIL standard compliance, by installing a two-layer structure display with monochrome liquid crystals and color liquid crystals superimposed, if you display only time information on monochrome liquid crystal, you need to extend battery life more than 1 month It is also possible.

Smart Outdoor Watch - CASIO

List device suitable for outdoor scenes Smart Outdoor Watch - 2016 - News Release - CASIO

This is Casio 's outdoor smart watch "WSD - F 10". There are four color variations, from the left, green, orange, black and red.

The names of each part of the terminal are as follows. Three physical buttons are installed in total, but all of them are contained on the right side of the main unit. Since charging terminals are magnetic crimp type, charging seems to be done by connecting a dedicated cord to the main body like Apple Watch.

A double hierarchical display in which monochrome liquid crystals and color liquid crystals are overlapped is also a point of particular concern while also features of 5 atmospheric pressure waterproof & MIL - STD - 810 G compliance. By installing two kinds of liquid crystals, to display time constantly under sunlight in monochrome liquid crystal, to display measurement information and applications in expressive color display, etc It is said that it is always able to keep excellent visibility. Also, if you use "time piece mode" which displays only time information on monochrome liquid crystal, you can extend battery life to more than a month.

You can see how the actual Smart Watch "WSD - F 10" suitable for the outdoor scene will actually be used by watching the following movie.

CASIO - Android Wear [Smart Outdoor Watch] WSD - F 10 - YouTube

"WSD-F10" equipped with a two-layer structure display.

Simple but design somewhere luxurious.

The character "CASIO" at the top of the display.

The liquid crystal is 1.32 inches and the resolution is 320 × 300 pixels. It seems that it is not slightly oval.

Although it carries a microphone for voice input, it realized 5 ATM waterproof structure and can be used safely even in the waterside and rainy course as well as daily life.

Android Wear on OS.

So, you can use Android Wear compatible applications.

For example when trekking.

You can measure momentum by using the standard activity activity application.

Because it is equipped with Android Wear, GPS application for trekkingViewRangerYou can also use.

In addition, Casio's separate camera "EX - FR 100It is possible to use WSD - F 10 as a controller of "WSD - F 10".

You can check the image of the camera with the LCD on the WSD - F10 and turn off the shutter.

In addition, third partyMyRadarYa

There is also a standard application that displays the sunrise sunset time, and it is a smart watch perfect for trekking otomo.

At the time of cycling ......

Measure activity with standard application ... ....

RunkeeperYou can also use third party apps such as.

Even during fishing ......

Momentum can be recorded with standard application.

Furthermore, it is also possible to display a tide graph for fishing.

19 original watch faces are available in a wide range of scenes from outdoor to everyday life.

Other specifications correspond to Bluetooth 4.1 (Low Energy compatible), Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b / g / n). The size of the body part is about vertical 61.7 × 56.4 × thickness 15.7 mm, the mass is about 93 g with the band included.

In addition, "WSD - F 10" is scheduled to be released at the end of March 2016 with 70,000 yen tax.

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CASIO sturdy system smart watch "WSD-F10" specialized for outdoor review - GIGAZINE

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