Tasted "Okaze sprinkle" tasting realized as sprinkling mayonnaise rice and sauce rice

You can enjoy eel grilled flavor easily "Super sprinkle eel"YaSprinkle with cruncho and snow mouchoAlthough there are pretty niche flavors in the sprinkle circle, etc., from Nichifuri "Mayonnaise taste"Green curry taste"Source taste"Since a novel sprinkle appeared, that I actually purchased and tried to eat.

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So, from the left mayonnaise flavor, Thai curry flavor, sauce taste.

First of all I will eat mayonnaise taste.

When I checked the back side of the package, the raw material name was listed with a powdery mayonnaise seasoning followed by dried mashed potatoes, sesame, salt, sugar and egg powder.

Calories are 106 kcal per bag 27 g.

When I opened the contents inside the dish, I felt a little sour smell of mayonnaise.

You can check egg-colored polka-popped lumps and chopped sticks, sesame.

So, I tried eating it with rice.

I ate it while imagining the overwhelming mayonnaise feeling as if I was eating mayonnaise, but it is a mild seasoning like "Mayonnaise wind sprinkle" to the last. However, because it has a strong acidity and a little richness, it has a different atmosphere from Kewpie mayonnaise. It tastes good if it tastes good or not tasty, but it seems to be a bit difficult to satisfy the desire of "people like mayonnaise in large".

Next, challenge the sprinkle of Thai curry flavor.

Raw material names include dried mashed potatoes, lactose, flour, etc. followed by coconuts, spices, chicken dregs, palm oils, lemon grass, and so on.

The calorie is 105 kcal per bag 27 g.

If you leave it on a plate as well, the fragrance of lemon grass and spices drifts as well. The smell is stronger than mayonnaise.

Sprinkled with red, green, cream color etc mixed and colorful.

I will eat this also with rice.

Mayonnaise taste was "Mayonnaise flavor", so I thought Thai curry would feel the same, I felt the complex flavor of spices,Thai curry can RecipeYaAkeba Ippei -chan at the evening shop yakisoba · Thai style green curry tasteI feel a kind of atmosphere like a firm seasoned. People who do not like painful things if they are disgusted because they sprinkle because they are spicy, it seems to be painful. The degree of completion as Thai curry is high, so if you like ethnic foods you should try it once.

The last is source taste.

Raw material names include breadcrumbs, cornstarch, worcester sauce, spices, kidney beans, onion powder and so on.

The calorie is 102 kcal per bag 27 g.

I tried to empty it on the plate, the fragrance was a little weak. Especially I did not feel the source.

It seems that the brown part is sauce, breadcrumbs are mixed in the yellow part.

I also put this on rice.

The sweetness of fruit · source mixed with acidity and spice spreads throughout the mouth, it feels like it is just mixing with sauce and eating it. Besides that, breadcrumbs are somewhat and plus, plus they will meet the needs of those who say "I love to eat rice with rice, but I do not want to get messy"! Unlike mayonnaise, the degree of reproduction was high, so I felt how difficult it is to sprinkle mayonnaise.

On the back side of the source flavor package, bread, cabbage, mayonnaise, sauce It was possible to make a sandwich with sauce with a sprinkle of flavor, so ......

I will actually make it. There was "Mayonnaise" as a material, but substitute just because it has a sprinkle of mayonnaise taste.

Sprinkle mayonnaise flavor on one side of toast with butter.

I will sprinkle the sauce on the other side.

I tried eating across the shredded cabbage, but somehow I felt the atmosphere, but as I felt, the absence of meat became sad, and I could not reproduce the sand. However, if you are a person who does not like meat but likes bread with sand sauce, you can be satisfied if you eat it with butter and sprinkle melted for a while after making it.

In addition, when I checked the online store of Nichifuri, I could purchase source flavor and Thai curry flavor sprinkle at 140 yen including tax, but Mayonnaise taste does not seem to be treated at present.

Side dishes sprinkle series │ product information | sprinkle if sprinkled

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