I tried `` Cuppy Ramune Steamed Bread '' where you can enjoy the refreshing taste of sweets like Cuppy Ramune and the fluffy texture peculiar to steamed bread

From bread maker Fujipan, ``

Cuppy Ramune Steamed Bread '', which has been the first collaboration with the super long-selling ramune candy `` Cuppy Ramune '', will be available from May 1, 2023 (Monday). While using the ingredients of Cuppy Ramune, I was wondering what kind of taste it was, so I actually tried it.

I tried to enlarge the long-selling product 'Kuppy Ramune'! 'Kuppy Ramune Steamed Bread' will be released for a limited time | Notice | Fujipan

The package of 'Kuppy Ramune steamed bread' looks like this.

The rabbit and squirrel characters familiar from Kuppy Ramune are drawn. There are two per package, and the taste is 'strawberry flavor' and 'orange flavor'.

Looking at the raw material names, both strawberry flavor and orange flavor contain liquid eggs, sugar, processed oil, flour, starch, sugar mixed glucose fructose liquid sugar, ramune powder, salt, etc. Most of the ingredients are the same, but the strawberries use

cochineal and carotenoids as coloring agents, while the oranges use only carotenoid pigments.

The calorie is 102 kcal per piece.

I actually arranged 'Cuppy Ramune steamed bread' (left) and small bag Cuppy Ramune (right). Of course, 'Kuppy Ramune steamed bread' is overwhelmingly larger.

When you take out the `` Cuppy Ramune Steamed Bun '' from the bag, you can smell the strong sweet scent of candy. It seems that the fragrance used is also different because the scent is different between strawberry flavor and orange flavor.

First of all, when you eat the strawberry-flavored one, you can feel the junky strawberry smell and sweetness, and it certainly tastes like cuppy ramune. It was finished in a bread that you can enjoy the unique texture of fluffy steamed bread, while having a refreshing feeling like ramune.

The orange-flavored one has an orange-like scent, and you can enjoy a refreshing taste even though it is a junkie with a strong candy feeling.

When you actually eat and compare it with Cuppy Ramune, the flavor at the moment you put it in your mouth is quite similar, but 'Cuppy Ramune Steamed Bread' is larger and may remain in your mouth longer, which is still unique to steamed bread. I felt that it had a unique taste of.

'Kuppy Ramune Steamed Bread' will be available for a limited time from May 1, 2023 (Monday), and can be purchased at supermarkets and drugstores nationwide except Hokkaido and Okinawa. The price is an open price, and the supermarket purchased this time was 128 yen including tax per package.

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