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Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, has many high-quality articles, and they are created by '

Wikipedians ' who devote themselves to editing Wikipedia, but sometimes there is an unproductive editing battle It can also be held. There was an item on Wikipedia that featured articles about such barren conflicts, so I picked up interesting things and familiar things for Japanese people from among them.

Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars - Wikipedia

◆ Ethnic and national feud
Wikipedia's list of 'barren edit wars' is divided into several items, and the items related to this ethnic and national conflict include discussions over the race and national origin of celebrities such as Chopin and Nikola Tesla. is included.

A discussion that is particularly familiar to Japanese people is the editing battle over the English version of

Takeshima (Dokdo in Korea), which is claimed by both Japan and South Korea. There is an article about the Sea of ​​Japan naming dispute, which calls for the Sea of ​​Japan to be changed to its own name, 'East Sea.'

In addition, there are discussions about whether Freddie Mercury is an Indian rock star, an Iranian, or an Azerbaijan, due to issues surrounding Freddie Mercury's roots, and his nationality is not disclosed in the work. Discussions such as where the country of origin of Niko Bellic, the main character of Grand Theft Auto IV, is specifically included in this item.


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◆ name
This article deals with the edit war over different ways of naming people and places. Among them are the long-running debate over whether Final Fantasy VII's Aerith Gainsborough's name is spelled 'Aeris or Aerith', and the full name of Heather, the protagonist of the horror game Silent Hill 3, named 'Heather'.・Debate about whether it is 'Morris' or 'Heather Mason', debate about whether to name Sega's game hardware Mega Drive 'Sega Genesis' or 'Mega Drive', etc. It was scattered.

In addition,the discussion on whether to use English or American phonetic symbols for J.K. There was also something a little related to the 'feud'.

◆ Spelling and punctuation
Spelling issues include '

Color/Colour ' and ' Aluminum/Aluminum '. Also, Brazil is spelled 'Brazil' in English, but 'Bra s il' is correct in Portuguese, which is used by Brazilians, so people who are particular about writing 'Brazil' in the English version of 'Brazil' articles It is said that there is also .

As a Japanese word, it seems that overseas Wikipedians were quite annoyed about whether to spell the character 'Holo' in the light novel ' Spice and Wolf ' as 'Holo' or 'Horo'. Also, on a separate article on the ``sterile editorial battle over spelling, uppercase/lowercase, and punctuation,'' a five-paragraph claim that Matcha should be romanized as ``maccha'' was written. was introduced .

Discussions are mentioned here about how to represent the things that each page deals with. For example, the music group 'band' is treated as singular in American English and plural in British English. He said there is a problem . Over this issue, the English article of the band Angels & Airwaves had two editors fight 46 times in one hour.

In addition, there are variations in the settings such as whether Cranky Kong that appears in Nintendo games is 'former Donkey Kong' or 'Donkey Kong's father or grandfather', and the size of Final Fantasy VIII 's fan base is 'huge'. Is it `` about the same size as Final Fantasy VII''? There seems to have been a hot debate over whether or not to describeTifa Lockhart 's breasts as 'plump'.


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◆ Fiction
Here, cases are mainly taken up where the fictional work itself and the positioning of the characters have developed into an edit war. For example, discussions on whether or not Dragon Ball GT should be included in the orthodox series, discussions on whether to transliterate Link appearing in The Legend of Zelda series as ``Rinku'' or ``Rinkū'', and the manga ``NARUTO - Before it was officially revealed that Namikaze Minato, who appeared in 'Naruto', was the father of the main character Naruto , handling a sentence that pointed out that 'Naruto and Minato Namikaze are similar', Anakin appearing in the movie 'Star Wars'・There is a debate about whether or not Skywalker and Darth Vader should be one character.

◆ List
There are various

lists on Wikipedia, but in the discussion related to this, 'List of virgins', ' My hero academia ', which was deleted from the discussion of 'Is Britney Spears a virgin?' It includes barren discussions such as how far to explain the characters in the 'list of characters' and whether to add Hermione from the Harry Potter series to the 'list of catgirls/boys'.

◆ Image
Wikipedia's debate over which of the two nearly indistinguishable images of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane is better, and whythe arachnophobia page goes to the trouble of posting an image of a giant tarantula. Whether or not, and how to express the invisible pink unicorn in the image were discussed.

'Probably one of the strangest edit wars' is the Tyrannosaurus debate . The page made it look like an anonymous user had a heated discussion with himself over whether Tyrannosaurus was a predator or a carnivore, but in reality it was a stranger who happened to be using the same IP address. It turned out later that it was.

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