I tried playing a fan-made full-fledged 2D fighting game 'Idol Showdown' where Hololive VTuber fights for free for the strongest

A fan-made unofficial fighting game ' Idol Showdown ' featuring Holomen of the VTuber group '

Holo Live ' operated by Cover was released for free on May 6, 2023. Although it is a fan-made, it is said that the system is firmly built and it is finished as a full-fledged 2D fighting game with quite high quality, so I actually played it.

Steam: Idol Showdown

Launch Idol Showdown.

By default, the language setting is English, so switch to Japanese. Select 'SETTINGS'.

Select 'Language'.

Switch to 'Japanese'.

If you change your language settings, you will need to restart the game. Select 'Restart'.

When I launched 'Idol Showdown' again, the menu items were switched to Japanese. Select 'Play' to play immediately.

This time, I chose 'VS AI' to play against the CPU.

There are 5 levels of 'AI difficulty', which is the difficulty level of the CPU.

The character selection screen looks something like this. In the initial state, eight people: '

Fubuki Shirakami ', ' Korone Inugami ', 'Suisei Hoshimachi ', ' Toki no Sora ', ' Aki Rosenthal', 'Ayame Hyakki ', ' Coco Kiryu ', and ' Shishiro Botan ' You can choose. In addition to the normal costume, you can choose from 3 color variations in the initial state.

In addition, you can select a “collaborator” as a support character. Collaborators can be selected from '

Mio Ogami ', ' Marine Hosho ' , ' Kanata Amane', 'Iroha Kazuma ', ' Ayunda Squirrel', 'Kiara Takanashi ', ' Watson Amelia ', ' Roboko-san ', and ' Miko Sakura '. increase. This time I chose Hosho Marine.

There are 4 types of stages. I made it random this time.

You can see the actual battle in the following movie. In addition, the voices used during the game were adopted from the distribution of the people themselves, and it seems that they are all used after obtaining permission.

I tried playing a fan-made 2D fighting game ``Idol Showdown'' where hololive holomen battle-YouTube

The signal for the start of the match was 'LIVE!'. In the background, you can see a signboard with the motif of Guru, Gura, and Akai .

Operation is performed by combining direction keys with weak attacks, medium attacks, strong attacks, and special moves. You can also perform special moves by inputting commands, but the system is simple enough to perform special moves just by combining the special move button and direction keys, so even people who are not good at complicated lever inputs can easily play.

Rear input for guard.

If you succeed in a point action such as a counter or a throw escape, a 'spacha' will appear at the edge of the screen.

When a spacha is thrown, the small gauge on top of the two gauges at the bottom of the screen will accumulate. This gauge is the spacha gauge. The Spacha Gauge can be used to cancel moves, so it's an important element for getting used to the game and building combos.

Also, when the spacha gauge is full, pressing light and heavy attacks at the same time, or pressing the 'collaboration' button will make the holomen you chose as a support character appear and do 'off-collaboration'.

In the case of Hosho Marine, he will come out, hug the opponent, and restrain his movements.

Another gauge at the bottom of the screen is the 'SUPER STAR Gauge', which accumulates as you perform tricks and receive attacks. By consuming this SUPER STAR Gauge, you can unleash the so-called Super STAR Attack.

Also, when the 'BURST' gauge under the physical strength gauge accumulates, you can deploy a burst that allows you to create a chance by jumping off while receiving continuous attacks from the opponent.

That's why the screen after the battle is like this. The design is based on the image of a normal distribution screen on YouTube, and a thumbnail is also displayed as a related video in the lower right.

In 'play', in addition to normal battles, there is also a 'VIRTUAL FRONTIER' mode dedicated to solo play.

Apparently, a virus has gone on a rampage in the virtual world, and it seems that YAGOO, the cover CEO

Motoaki Tanigo , has been taken somewhere.

The 'VIRTUAL FRONTIER' mode is a style in which you progress through the stages while battling.

On each side, you have to fight the designated Holomen under certain conditions.

That's why we keep fighting. Physical strength does not recover between stages and is carried over as it is, so the structure becomes more difficult as the capture progresses. Also, unlike normal battles, the feature of 'VIRTUAL FRONTIER' mode is that you can use items to advance the battle to your advantage.

Items can be obtained by winning the battle and clearing the side.

'VIRTUAL FRONTIER' has not only battles, but also recovery and shops. For example, select the face of the cocktail glass and shaker below.


Robel , who is a second-year student of the male VTuber group 'Holostars', sold me an item.

In addition, Watson Amelia sometimes brought up a dubious story at the beginning of the face.

Win the battle and clear the side.

Then, they sold items that were not normally available.

One of the conditions I chose at the end of Stage 1 was to fight Korone Inugami, who said he would 'regularly become invincible.'

The following movie shows the battle with Inugami Korone, who actually becomes invincible on a regular basis.

[Idol Showdown Review] Battle with ``Sometimes invincible Inugami Korone'' in Hoshimachi Suisei-YouTube

It's a dog god surrounded by purple stars. This state is completely invincible, so no damage can pass through.

Therefore, it is necessary to hit the attack when it is not surrounded by purple stars.

When I was struggling quite a bit, I ran out of time. My physical strength was just barely there, so I lost.

If you lose the battle, it's game over at that point. There is no continue.

At the time of article creation, although it was a beta version, it was possible to play online. Select 'Online'.

Select 'Create' to create an online lobby.

After a while, another player entered the lobby. In 'Prepare', decide the character and collaboration partner.

When you are ready, select 'Start Matching'.

'Idol Showdown' adopts

rollback netcode , and is devised to reduce net lag, which is a major obstacle to playing online battles in fighting games. When I actually played it, the lag was fairly light and I was able to play quickly.

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