I ate a comeda coffee shop "Selectable Morning Service" that allows you to choose a paste, egg paste, boiled eggs on a freshly baked toast of morning only at the drink fee

In coffee shop "comeda coffee shop originated from Nagoya", luxurious morning service with toast & boiled egg comes with set when ordering drink by 11 AM. From December 1, 2015 (Tue), you can choose from three types of toast garnish "boiled egg", "egg paste", "Nagoya specialty oguran"Selectable morning serviceSince it began, I went to eat at once.

Morning | Coffeehouse Komeda Coffee Shop

Arrived at Komeda coffee shop. The bicycle parking lot in front of the store is almost full in the early morning, many customers seem to be filling the store.

When I arrived at the seat and checked the menu, I found a menu table of "Morning service you can choose". When choosing a morning service, when ordering a drink from opening to 11 o'clock, it is said that one of "boiled egg", "egg paste" and "oakuraan" is provided as a set with toast. Since morning of toast and boiled eggs has been provided for a while, we will order an egg paste and oguran soup this time.

Anything is ok as long as the drink is on the menu.

Waiting after ordering In about 3 minutes, drinks and morning arrived.

The toast is grilled with fruits on the surface and the fragrant fragrance of wheat gets caught. The butter that is painted on the surface also dissolves appetite slowly melts with heat. In addition, it is a morning set of 2 servings in the picture.

The amount per serving is half toast toast, but the toast itself is quite thick, so it is full volume.

Garnished egg paste and Ogura-en are served with a small plate.

I painted the anko with a butter knife on the surface of bread. The bean paste was just about half-way hard of grains with a little red bean peel left.

When I try to eat a bite, the sweetness of the rich and thick dango fits well with the toast of crispy dusty texture. That should be that, Komeda coffee shop snack menu "Ogura ToastThere is a classic menu named "Toast" with the anonymous menu. Because the toast is only half cut, so it's a little less volume to eat as a breakfast breakfast, but it is nice service toast with just the price of the drink.

Then put the egg paste on the toast ......

Munching The yolk egg yolk and white body are fluffy and softly mixed, it is reasonably salty and it has excellent compatibility with toast. It is the name "egg paste", but the taste and texture are close to boiled egg salad which is sandwiches and so on. When you want to eat sweets from the morning, it is good to choose the kind of morning according to your mood, such as o-gourd, when you want to eat salty food, choose egg paste or boiled egg.

In addition, because the shop which can choose egg paste and ogura-a by morning service is only a part of the Komeda coffee shop store, it seems to be good to go to the shop after checking in advance.

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