McDonald's imaged the world view of a retro coffee shop ``Coffee shop coffee jelly parfait'' ``Coffee shop pudding pie'' ``Coffee shop cream soda'' tasting review

From McDonald's, as a limited-time menu of ' Cafe Mac ' based on the concept of the world view of a retro coffee shop, three types of ' Coffee shop coffee jelly parfait ', ' Coffee shop pudding pie ' and ' Coffee shop cream soda (McFloat melon)' will be available from 2023. It will appear from April 26 (Wednesday). I was able to enjoy the taste of a nostalgic coffee shop at McDonald's, so I actually tried to see what kind of menu it was.

This McDonald's tastes like a coffee shop. 'Cafe Mac' will be available for a limited time from 4/26 (Wed.)! | McDonald's Official

Arrived at McDonald's.

I immediately ordered 'cafe coffee jelly parfait', 'coffee shop pudding pie' and 'coffee shop cream soda'.

'Coffee shop coffee jelly parfait' is a simple and classic parfait that uses soft cream, coffee jelly, coffee sauce, condensed milk sauce, and corn flakes.

When I tried it, the texture of the smooth and cool soft ice cream and smooth coffee jelly was a perfect match. The sweetness of the condensed milk sauce complements the bitterness of the coffee sauce, creating a relaxing taste.

As you eat soft cream and coffee jelly, cornflakes spread underneath appear. The crispy texture was an accent, and I was able to eat it until the end without getting tired of it.

Next, I will eat 'coffee shop pudding pie'.

The pie crust is dark brown.

When I ate a bite, custard filling and caramel sauce appeared from inside. The creamy custard filling had a strong egg flavor, and the faint bitterness and gentle sweetness of the caramel sauce combined to create a pie that was certainly reminiscent of pudding.

'Coffee shop cream soda' is a limited-time change of the 'Mac Float Melon' package that is usually on the menu, and is offered according to the concept of 'Coffee Mac'.

When you drink it, the fizzy and refreshing carbonic acid and the flavor of melon soda, and the mellow sweetness of the soft cream are a perfect match. It was a drink that does not feel uncomfortable even if it is offered at a coffee shop.

The menu of 'Cafe Mac' is offered for a limited time from April 26, 2023 (Wednesday) to the end of May, and the price is 380 yen including tax for 'Cafe Coffee Jelly Parfait' and 'Cafe Pudding Pie' 160 yen including tax, 'Coffee shop cream soda' is 320 yen including tax. The sales time is from 10:30 to closing for 'Coffee shop pudding pie' from opening to closing, and 'Coffee shop coffee jelly parfait' and 'Coffee shop cream soda (McFloat melon)' from 10:30 to closing.

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