I tried "Tower Soba" on a 1/500 scale celebrating the 60th calendar of Osaka · Tsutenkaku

Osaka's representative tourist attractionTsutenkakuWill celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 60th anniversary of the reconstruction next year. While various events are held celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Tsutenkaku, Nankai soba was regarded as TsutenkakuNear the tower"Offering for a limited time. I ate the tower south which imaged Tsutenkaku at once.

We will release "Tower Soba" with the skewer stumped Chikuwa tempura as a tower near the South Sea! .pdf

Nankai soba | Nankai Shoji Group

Arrived at Nankai - Shin - Imamiya station.

There was a Nankai soba / Shin-Imamiya shop next to the stairway of the communication aisle connecting the ticket gate and the home.

At the entrance is a signboard of "Tower Soba" for your purpose.

Even in the aisle, the tower was greatly appealing.

I bought a ticket with a vending machine outside the shop.

The tower is 450 yen (including tax). In addition, there is a tower with Tsutenkaku admission ticket, which is 950 yen (including tax). It is set discount price that you can enter Tsutenkaku in cheaper yen than normal 200 yen.

Tower's soba is "the southern sea soba, the tallest menu". Go to the store at once.

The inside of the shop is quite spacious, so you can dine calmly than the so - called eating soba restaurant.

I ordered a ticket at the entrance and ordered. It seems that it takes a little time to offer near the tower and I will take a seat with a number tag.

All 27 seats in the counter table seat.

There is space to put the luggage under the counter table.

Between the tables facing each other, the display looks like Katsuyama. Nankai - Shinomiya Sta. It is due to the fact that many travelers heading from Kansai International Airport to Osaka city will drop by in Japanese style.

I got tower by 5 minutes.

According to the contact with the tallest menu in the Nankai soba history, the height near the tower is about 20 cm. It is taller than Xperia Z Ultra of 6.44 inch fabret.

Looking at the towering tower from above will look like this.

On the top of the tower is a boiled egg of quail called by a toothpick.

Three caskrooms that support the tower.

Because it is Osaka soba, which is a soup broth culture, it is a more clear color than the soup of Kanto.

First off from a quail egg.

Braised eggs are a rich taste that is also suitable for drinking.

Chikuwa Tower Tower was drawn in three dimensions through the skewer of one other Chikuwa heaven through the other two Chikuwa skewers.

Defeat the tower and stay up Chikuwa Tian.

Hokuoku 's campus heaven is a taste that calms down. By the way, the Nanhai soba · Shinomiya Palace store also offers a "snack menu" where beer and kushikatsu are set.

I decided to smoke soba. Beside the fast food store, Koshi is not strong and goes through the throat and throat.

It is OK even if you introduce the Shrimp sweet potato.

When Chikuwa heaven of the tower composition firmly inhales the soup, oil mixes with the soup stock, and the texture, flavor, and umami are complainable.

That's why I finished it in no time.

"Tower Soba" is a menu created in collaboration with Tsutenkaku to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 60th anniversary of the Tsutenkaku which operates the Tsunakaku-kaki and the Nankai F-Day service that runs Nankai soba. Of course Osaka like "Tower Udon" 450 yen (tax included) is also ant. Tower Soba & Tower Udon is a limited menu of Nankai soba and Shin-Imamiya shop, and its service time has been from 9 o'clock in the morning.

Tower Soba & Tower Udon is said to be available for limited time until 30th November 2015, but due to its taste, volume and low price 3 rhythms, the order rate in the store is quite high, its popularity is clear. By all means, it was a dish that made us feel like wanting to "hospitize" many people visiting Osaka by making it a regular menu.

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