I tried 'Chicken Shirayu Udon' while the tender chicken was stuffed into the chicken shirayu soup and the taste of the chicken was condensed tightly.

'Chicken Shirayu Udon ', which is made from the popular menu '

Chicken Shio Udon ' that Nakau offers for a limited time every year, will be available from December 2, 2021. It was said that the plain hot water soup and chicken oil, which are condensed chicken flavors, were combined with Nakau's proud udon soup, so I actually tried to see what kind of taste it had.

<< Notice >> The whole taste of chicken is condensed tightly! Nakau 'Chicken plain hot water udon' is now on sale! | Notice | Donburi and Kyoto-style udon noodles

Arrived at Nakau.

I will order at the ticket vending machine at once.

This time, I ordered the average of 'Chicken plain hot water udon' (490 yen including tax) as a takeout.

The size of the container is about 18 cm in diameter, and the weight including the container is 609 g.

The container is two-tiered and is divided into an upper tier with udon and a lower tier with chicken plain hot water soup.

There were green onions and sesame seeds on top of the udon noodles.

If you add udon to the soup, 'Chicken plain hot water udon' is completed.

When I sipped the slightly light brown soup, I could feel the rich taste of chicken in the soup that had a strong salty taste. The soup is relatively light and not thick, but the chicken flavor remains firmly in the aftertaste, so you can enjoy the satisfaction of the soup alone.

The smooth udon noodles and chicken plain hot water soup go great together. I couldn't stop the chopsticks growing for the next bite.

The soup also contained a large chicken meat as an ingredient. The combination of chicken with a soft texture and chicken plain hot water soup makes it a udon that you can enjoy the whole taste of chicken.

Also, if you add the attached 'Spicy Yuzu Spice' ...

Red color is mixed with chicken plain hot water soup and it looks vivid.

The light soup is combined with the spicy spiciness and the refreshing citrus aroma of yuzu, and you can enjoy a different taste than before.

'Chicken plain hot water udon' can be purchased from December 2, 2021 at 464 stores excluding some stores for a limited time until mid-January 2022. The average price is 490 yen including tax, and the small price is 350 yen including tax.

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