Exquisitely compact mobile PC "ASUS TransBook T90 Chi" review which changed to Windows 10 for some reason why it changed to Windows 10 Review

Compact 2in1 terminal that can be hand-held with notebook PC and tablet size "TransBook T90 Chi"The OS was newly changed to Windows 10, and it was released at a price of about 25,000 yen (excluding tax), which is nearly half the price compared to the past, at a super-discount price. I immediately used ASUS 's small mobile PC · T90 Chi which showed a departure that the OS was upgraded to the latest version and the price became half price.

ASUS TransBook T90 Chi | 2-in-1 products | ASUS Japan

◆ Appearance check
TransBook T90 Chi is a black dressing box.

T90 Chi appears when you open the box. It is compact as you imagined.

The contents are T90 Chi body, AC adapter, USB cable, instructions.

T90 Chi is a so-called 2in1 terminal. Size is 241 mm wide × 137 mm long × 16.5 mm thick.

As a notebook PC it is very compact,VAIO P seriesIt reminds me of. However, the weight is 750 g with keyboard dock and it is heavier than it looks when taken in hand.

The back of the keyboard dock has rubber slip stops on the four corners.

T90 Chi is equipped with 8.9 inch (1280 x 800) liquid crystal display. Glare (glossy) liquid crystal display as well as touch screen, 10 points multi touch support.

There is no touch pad on the keyboard. Operate with touch screen.

The key is an isolation type.

It is somewhat cramped, but if you get used to the size, the precise type is enough possible.

Power button on the left side of the keyboard. In addition, connect the keyboard and tablet with Bluetooth.

T90 Chi is equipped with CPU Intel Atom Z3775 (1.46 Ghz quad-core 4 threads). Memory is 2 GB, storage is 64 MB eMMC.

Rear camera of 5 million pixels in the corner of the back like a tablet.

Volume button and power button on the front side when closed with laptop shape.

Left side.

Earphone jack on the back tablet and Micro-USB port for keyboard dock.

Please note that this Micro-USB port is for powering the keyboard dock.

Speaker and microSD card slot on the tablet side.

The right side looks like this. The micro-USB port is carried on the tablet side.

The tablet is not connected by a terminal, it is just caught.

Because the keyboard dock and tablet are of the type to connect with Bluetooth, the tablets and keyboard docks each have a built-in battery and each has a Micro-USB port for charging.

It should have felt extremely compact in the state of notebook PC, but if it is in tablet state it may be called 8.9 inch size, and there is quite a presence.

However, since the horizontal width when it is oriented in the vertical direction is comparatively narrow and the weight is also 400 g with the tablet alone, it is not hard to hold with one hand like a 10-inch tablet, usability is 7 inches, 8 inch size tablet and It is not inferior.

In the case of portrait orientation, 2 megapixel front camera is mounted on the upper right. Since both the front camera and the rear camera are not in the center of the bezel, T90 Chi may be positioned closer to the tablet than the notebook PC.

◆ I tried using
The new T90 Chi has Windows 10 Home (32 bit) on OS. It has been renewed to Windows 10 from the old model which was Windows 8.1.

Also, while the old model had preinstalled the desktop application version of Office Home and Business 2013, the new model had a simplified versionOffice Mobilechange to. With these software changes, we realized a dramatic price reduction of about 29,800 yen, which is about half the price of 59,800 yen of the old model.

So, it is like this when browsing using Microsoft Edge at T90 Chi where the cost performance has become extremely high and it is half price.

I watched GIGAZINE on ASUS's small mobile 2in 1 "T90 Chi" and played YouTube - YouTube

Since CPU is Intel Atom Z 3775, it is undeniable that power is insufficient to use full spec Windows 10, and there are scenes in which movement is unlikely to work, such as loading a page with many pictures in Microsoft Edge. However, there were rarely irritations to browse YouTube movies and to use office software such as Office.

Furthermore, if you take a benchmark with general benchmark software "PCMARC 7", the score will be "2618"

It is like this in CrystalDiskMark. Although eMMC is not as fast as SSD, sequential read exceeds 100 MB / s and random access is also much faster than HDD, so it seems that it leads to a funky operation feeling.

However, it is only about 120 degrees at the maximum when it is set to notebook PC state, so I am concerned about the display stands considerably.

Since glare panels have many reflections of lighting and the display tends to stand up, there are scenes that are difficult to use unless you take a distance from your hands, and the screen size is small, making it difficult to see at far distances.

Also, since there is no touchpad on the keyboard and it is a style to operate by directly tapping the screen, it is necessary to get used to the operation itself, and in the state where the display is coalesced with the keyboard dog, the screen edge is hidden just by tapping the task bar The difficult point is negative. For comfortable use I felt the need to customize the layout of Windows such as arranging the task bar on the left and right.

However, as a tablet it is comfort itself.

Since switching to tablet mode is also smooth in Windows 10, there is no dissatisfaction point in T90 Chi as a Windows tablet.

Also, if you combine it into the keyboard dock in portrait orientation, the operation is also comfortable, you can also eliminate the difficulty of pressing the task bar.

◆ Summary
ASUS's compact 2in1 "T90 Chi" is moderate in machine power, but there must be a certain person who will fit into this exquisite size. If you focus on the Windows tablet, it's definitely free.

Originally, it is cruel to seek much for ultra-compact PCs, so there is little need to use Office full feature at ultra compact PC in the first place. If it is, I feel that ASUS 's policy of making it cheaper by changing to the function restricted ant' s Office Mobile is correct. The new T90 Chi, which cost cuts about half as much as changing to Windows 10, is a mobile notebook PC with outstanding cost performance, although choosing a user.

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