When closing it opens the tablet when opening the table Japan will be on sale of the two screen mounted machine "TAICHI" decided on the actual machine

Ultrabook which adopted innovative design that it becomes a tablet when opening the tabletop and becomes a notebook PC when opening the tabletop by adding a display to the top board side of the notebook PC also makes it possible to display "ASUS TAICHI )"is.

Meet ASUS TAICHI - The Incredible Fusion of Notebook and Tablet

We have already decided to sell in the United States etc, but this time it will be officially announced in Japan release of the actual release, so we will go to the scene of the recital and pull the real thing to the pictures and movies I have done it.

◆ State of presentation venue

The presentation place is in Shibuya-ku, TokyoHikarie.

The entrance looks something like this.

When you go to the upper floor you can see the scenery of Shibuya.

A long escalator following the hall where the presentation will be held.

Entrance of the hall written "ASUS".

Inside the venue.

ASUS's Johnny-Say chairman introduces products that will be launched in Japan. All presentations are in English, and dynamic presentations with big gestures will be developed.

The feature item of this time is "TAICHI" of the dual display specification with liquid crystal screen on both sides of the top board.

The price is 139,800 yen and it is scheduled to be released after December 22nd of 2012.

It is like a laptop PC.

It becomes like this when it is made into a tablet.

◆ actual photo review

Arrived at touch and try corner.

CPU is Core i 7 - 3517 U and memory is 4 GB (DDR 3 1600 MHz). SSD has 256 GB and OS has Windows 8.

Looking at it from the front it is the same appearance as a general thin notebook PC.

The main body size is 306.6 in width × 199.3 in height × 17.4 mm in thickness, the nominal weight is about 1.25 kg.

The display is 11.6 inches full HD (1920 x 1080) on both sides, and the tablet side (tabletop table) corresponds to 10 multi-touch.

The keyboard looks something like this.

Although the keystrokes are shallow, as the key pitch has plenty of room, it is quite satisfactory as a sliding key feeling as a thin mobile machine.

With its own "TAICHI HOME" button, it is possible to display switching screens and widgets of display mode with one shot.

With LED backlight.

Touch pad is as large as horizontal 105 × vertical 64 mm It corresponds also to multi touch gesture such as two finger scroll and swipe operation.

It is equipped with a web camera that can be used for video calls such as Skype when using it in laptop state.

The top board with the display turned off is like this.

Also equipped with a 5 million pixel camera on the top board side.

Looking at the body from the side like this.

It looks like this when you see from the front with the top board closed.

On the left side are USB 3.0, mini VGA port, volume button, tablet screen screen lock switch and so on.

By operating this switch, it is possible to turn on / off the tablet screen on the tabletop side. You can make sure that what you are manipulating when using on the go is displayed on the display on the tabletop so that it will not be visible to other people.

On the right side is a power button, micro HDMI, USB 3.0, audio jack equipped.

Bottom side.

It is possible to stabilize even on a desk with a slippery surface because rubber feet are attached.

When you turn on the display on the back, it looks like this. It is possible to use such as showing the same thing to the other party while turning the keyboard to the person and operating the screen such as PowerPoint.

Since the edges of the display are scraped thinly, it is an impression that sharpness was emphasized.

A 1.25 kg body is a lightweight class as a notebook PC.

Having one hand as a tablet is a heavy weight.

Please check in the movie below to actually see how the display on the tabletop is being operated.

Touched ASUS "TAICHI TACCHI" - YouTube

So, although it is a strange design as an impression actually touched, while keyboards and track pads are sufficiently level of operation feeling as Ultrabook, the weight is also kept at about 1.25 kg and it is used as a mobile machine It seems that it will be difficult for me. Also, the CPU, storage, memory, ports and so on are not inferior compared to the same class and machine, just the appearance is not only strange but the basic part was a feeling that it was made quite firmly. It is worrisome that the nominal battery driving time is as short as about 5 hours, but those who want to use the touch operation of Windows 8 and want to use the keyboard for text entry etc. are one of the noteworthy pieces.

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