A hand-made Japanese confectionery "Rikankan" tasting review that reproduced the whole shoot glazed figure

I reproduced the whole figure of one, the real sweets looks like a surprising seemingly surprising "How"is. Originally, it was said that the Hakodate candy shop commemorated the renovation of the main store for display, it was commercialized with popularity and it was bothersome about how it looked so realistic so I bought it and tried it It was.

How to Order ● Hakodate Yanagiya ● (Japanese sweets · Western confectionery · Cake)

This box is like a beige color long thin paper box like this.

"Please never sashimi" Please note that it was attached. Expectation is raised as to whether it is a realistic appearance that makes it sashimi.

Ingredients are sugar, white flower bean, starch syrup, agar, fertilizer powder, coffee, coloring. It is 230 g per piece, calories are not listed.

When you peel off the exterior paper, a brown box with illustrations drawn appears.

Putting the top of the box apart, the illustration of "Squid of the City Hakodate" with a night view of the city photographed from Mt. Hakodate mountain pops out, and it looks like a picture book as if it were a box of sweets.

When opening the box from the side, the squid which shiny gloss shows up.

When you take out the whole body and remove the vinyl package, how about brown whole body appears. I feel a little horror like it looks too realistic.

The eyeballs are plumped and it seems that the brown color of the body is soaked in the white eyes and bloodshed ... ....

When counting the number of legs, you can see that ten legs are attached tightly like a real squid, and pursuing reality and being carefully made.

Of the ten feet, two long legs called "tentacles" are also reproduced. Because I was too long compared to other legs, I was putting my feet on the torso.

There are no protrusions on the head and it has a rope.

I tried to cut it at the place where I enjoyed the realistic look like a real squid.

When trying to cut it, three layers of fertilizer, coffee bean paste, and sheep dough are arranged in order from the inside, and the cross section is like "familiar" tanpo "in the station lunch. Mr. Masahiro Wakasugi, president of Hakodate Yanagiya, said, "We are preparing the taste of the oranges separately from the taste and fragrance of the actual squid"interviewI am telling you. Because "It looks exactly like a cuttlefish, if you taste the squid's taste, it is not a Japanese sweet".

I tried to cut it from the head to the feet like Ikaring.

When I try to eat it coffee flavor and sweet and bitter flavor of sweet bean spread in my mouth, the texture has a tasty eating response. It is a mouthfeel which is also rich in fertilization in the center, and overall satisfaction is increased. Not only the appearance but also the taste and eating response are finished in enough sweets.

The eyeball is coated with white jelly with white flower beans, and you can feel the flavorful flavor like a relaxed bean.

The feet are harder than the torso, and the texture is tightly strengthened.

The expiration date of "Kanakan" is 7 days at room temperature. It seems to avoid the possibility of becoming hard from the edge because the workmanship of the sheep is finer than the deterioration of the taste. "Kanakan" is handled at Yanagiya head office and supermarket in Hakodate city, and it is also possible to purchase 2 from 2,400 yen at mail order of Yanagi Official website.

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