The possibility that the control panel disappears from Windows 10 in the future

In the Microsoft OS "Windows series" there was a long term "control panel" menu that makes various settings of the PC, but the latest "Windows 10" has the item "setting" in addition to the control panel It has been added. Regarding these two menus, we clarified the possibility that Windows stakeholders will integrate in the future.

Brandon LeBlanc and Gabe Aul of the Windows Insider Program mentioned the possibility of integrating the control panel and settings. The background of the matter begins with a Twitter user named Rogers asking Aul "Why both control panel and settings exist in Windows 10?" Both the control panel and the setting are for setting up the system, user account, PC, and Rogers thought why the menu of similar function mixedly exists.

In response to Rogers' question, Mr. Aul says, "Implementing two separate functions requires complex code and a large burden on storage and memory, it is more efficient to integrate into one "I answered."

Also, LeBlanc replied "In the future, the setting will replace the control panel".

According to the answers of two people from control panel from Windows 10 in the future will be gone, the setting turned out to be a replacement for the control panel. When the control panel runs out, it is required to make a smooth transition without confusing the user.

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