A dedicated terminal "21 Bitcoin Computer" that anyone can easily build a bit coin payment service

Virtual currency "Bitcoin (bit coin)Even though you can understand innovative mechanisms and convenient usage methods, there are many people who feel that hurdles are expensive when trying to start trading. I am interested in such a bit coin, but for a bit coin introductor that it is difficult to understand how to trade, by connecting to a Windows PC or Mac, it is possible to handle bit coins with a simple command line input, A small bit coin dedicated terminal capable of mining coins "21 Bitcoin Computer"Has appeared.

21 - The 21 Bitcoin Computer

This is a machine "21 Bitcoin Computer" that anyone can easily minerize (mining) bit coins, trade bit coins, or build commercial sites using bit coin payment service.

21 Bitcoin Computer is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Drivers for each OS are available, so you can use it immediately by connecting via USB.

Looking at diagonally is like this.

A huge black object is a fan hood to cool a dedicated chip for mining.

Looking from the side like this. The main board below is the microcomputer board "Raspberry Pi 2", A dedicated board for mining is connected via a pin.

When the fan hood and the heat sink are removed, the core of the chip appears.

21 Bitcoin Computer is a Raspberry Pi 2 based computer, with a block chain of bit coins pre-installed in 128GB microSD storage. By connecting to a Windows PC or Mac, it will be able to handle bit coins with simple command line input. For example, you can exchange bit coins with simple code such as "$ 21 mine" for mining bit coins, "$ 21 sell" for selling services with bit coins with bit coins.

In addition, it is also possible to build an EC site that uses a micropayment server prepared for Bitcoin Computer to set up bit coins as a settlement method, and it is possible to use any bit coin related service.

Of course, although it is possible to use bit coin service even with PC alone without using 21 Bitcoin Computer, 21 Bitcoin Computer can be used as a bit coin introductory tool that learns bit coin service as simpler and more familiar It seems to be assumed.

21 INC, which created Bitcoin Computer, is a bit coin mining chip that can be mounted on smartphonesBitShare"We are developing a bit coin peripheral device in partnership with Andreessen Horowitz, Qualcomm, Cisco, etc, with a startup that advocates to make it possible to use bit coins on all terminals, such as developing. In a ubiquitous world where everything is connected to the Internet, the mechanism of micro payment is indispensable, and it seems that the favorite is assumed to be a bit coin.

In addition, 21 Bitcoin Computer will be released on Amazon.com on December 16, 2015 with a price of $ 399.99 (about 48,000 yen).

Amazon.com: The 21 Bitcoin Computer

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