What is the content of the research that found an exhaust gas fraud that imposes a fine of about 2 trillion yen on Volkswagen

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German car maker Volkswagen knew that 11 million cars were loaded with malicious software in order to clear the regulations of the US emissions regulations and it was decided to be fined about 2 trillion yen It was. I found this corruption was a researcher at the University of West Virginia, and a paper on emissions was published in May 2014.

This photo shows how researchers caught VW cheating on its emissions tests - Vox

In-Use Emissions Testing of Light-Duty Diesel Vehicles in the United States
(PDF file)http://www.theicct.org/sites/default/files/publications/WVU_LDDV_in-use_ICCT_Report_Final_may2014.pdf

Research was conducted by Dr. Gregory · J · Thompson and others, FR vehicle (Vehicle A) using NOx storage reduction catalyst technology (LNT)Urea SCR systemWe installed three FR vehicles (vehicle B) and a 4WD vehicle (vehicle C) equipped with a urea SCR system. To measure NOx, CO, THC, CO2 emissions, Horiba's automotive exhaust gas measurement systemOBS-2200 PEMSWas used.

I actually packed the measuring device in Vehicle A.

All three vehicles used for the testStandards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)I am clear.

An example of the standard is called "FTP - 75" which runs 17.77 km at an average speed of 34.1 km with reference to the morning commuting time zone in Los Angeles.

This is "US 06" assumed to run faster.

In addition to these standards, Dr. Thompson et al. Measured the extent to which waste was discharged by running the car by themselves. Below are four groups of seven bar graphs. The bar graph is "Route 1: Highway" "Route 2: Los Angeles city area" "Route 3: Country road with up and down" "Route 4: San Diego city area" "Route 5: San Francisco city area" "FTP - 75" "US 06" NEDC "(New European Driving Cycle which is the European fuel efficiency measurement method)", "Idling state (speed of 2 km / hour)" "Low speed (2 km to 50 km / h)", "Medium speed (50 km / h to 90 km / h) "and" High speed (faster than 90 km / h) ".

For example, "Route 1: Expressway" at the left end of each speed group has less than 10% of idling state, low speed is about 20%, medium speed is not as much as about 15%, near 60% is high speed You will be driving in. In contrast, "Route 2: City center in Los Angeles" means idling is about 25%, low speed is about 65%, medium speed is 10% slightly, and there are few places where you can run at high speed. In addition, although three reference measurement values ​​are lined up on the right side, you can also see that the proportion of speed is disjointed.

The speed data when running from the route 1 to the route 5 on a weekday, when it is actually running in a time zone that is not a rush hour is like this.

Data on CO2 emissions from Vehicle A and Vehicle B by the research team with repeated test runs and accumulated measurement data is this. The darker bar graph is the vehicle A, the thin color bar graph is the vehicle B, and results by different measurement methods are displayed. The R mark on the graph indicates that clogging occurredDiesel particulate collection filterIndicates that the playback operation has occurred. In this way, it seems that some tests have not cleared the reference value.

On the other hand, there was a big difference depending on the measurement method when NOx emission amount. Both Vehicle A and Vehicle B have cleared FTP - 75, but NEDC and US 06 completely out.

This graph shows the average NOx emissions when running on 5 different test routes. Vehicle A showed a remarkably bad result, and emissions significantly exceeding the reference value were detected in any of Route 1 to Route 4. Route 5 has no data. However, even if this is the measurement method conforming to FTP - 75, the standard is cleared. A similar trend can be seen with vehicle B. Vehicle C is considerably better than route 3.

Detailed analysis is also carried out in the following article, "The identity of this malicious software is" When running and opening / closing the throttle according to the running pattern of FTP - 75 it runs in honor student mode, When it takes, it becomes a failure mode at a stretch and scatter exhaust hazard full of harmful NOX, but fuel is completely burned, but fuel efficiency is good. "The possibility of software specialized to deceive drivers and testing institutions is high." The conclusion is led.

【VW Takumi's technique】 I tried verifying the extreme of the similar clean diesel technology | Please let me talk with the knee

The discovery of the matter of Volkswagen was not directly brought to the EPA etc by these doctors and others, but it was the opportunity that EPA staff came when the research was announced. By the way, in October 2014 the International Environmental Transportation Council is pointing out that NOx emissions from diesel vehicles are higher than the regulated value.

Real-world exhaust emissions from modern diesel cars | International Council on Clean Transportation

In Japan, in June 2011, the truck of the Isuzu car equipped with the "invalidation function" of the exhaust gas reduction performance cleared the conformity criteria, but while discharging the NOx more than three times during actual driving I have found it. The "invalidation function" is anti-social act, the prohibition provision is stated in the West and the United States.

"Invalidation function" of car reduction performance compliant with the latest exhaust gas regulation | Tokyo

According to the report in November 2012, it is known that vehicles equipped with a urea SCR system are experiencing successive cases in which NOx exceeding the regulation value is emitted. The Ministry of the Environment seems to have commented that "If the mileage increases, the device may deteriorate for some reason," but what was the actual situation?

NOx: High concentration depleted after "purification"? Diesel heavy-duty vehicle 60 thousand - daily jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

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