The table "Equa Index" which summarizes whether the criteria were cleared by actually driving more than 250 main gasoline cars and diesel cars, and the problem of the current exam which passed even regulation by 10 times is under the white day

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When Volkswagen perceived that the exhaust gas test is going on in order to pass the exhaust gas test of the diesel vehicle, it was discovered that it was using a special program (cheat program) to switch to a special mode and lower NOx value, It became a big problem around the world mainly in America. With this Volkswagen emissions problem in mind, various discussions are being held on the way exhaust gas testing of diesel vehicles is done in Europe.

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In Europe, over the past 20 years, unlike the United States and East Asia, adopting a policy to decide environmental performance with emphasis on the concentration of carbon dioxide in the exhaust gas, and to propose diesel cars as "good cars for the environment" rather than hybrid vehicles There is a history that it has advanced the strategy. For this reason, diesel cars are still gaining high support as environmentally friendly cars than hybrid cars today.

And as a condition to sell cars in Europe, manufacturers are obliged to clearly strict exhaust emission regulations such as EURO 5 and EURO 6 introduced from 2015, and the high performance diesel cars that meet strict emission standards ( So-called "clean diesel car") has competed and developed. However, the exhaust gas test is not carried out in the actual running state, but because the vehicle is fixed on the inspection table, it does not reflect the state at the time of actual driving, so the question of the effectiveness of the inspection is attached. did. Volkswagen's cheat program problem is combined, and there is a call for a more effective inspection method.

Meanwhile, we will provide data on automobile exhaust gasEmissions Analytics(EA) conducted a test to measure more than 250 gasoline cars and diesel cars of major manufacturers that are being sold in Europe while actually traveling, and as a result, announced "Equa Index".

Equa Index

In the Equa Index, the case where the regulation values ​​of EURO 5 and EURO 6 are cleared at the time of actual running is "A", the case where it is within 1.5 times from the regulation value is "B", when it is within 2.25 times from the regulation value "C" and the grade has been decided. For example, in the case of Audi A8 (2013 model), an extremely valuable value that is more than 12 times the regulation value is recorded and "H" of the lowest evaluation is given.

Looking at the results by manufacturer, in the case of Mercedes-Benz, out of the 12 models, only four models clear the regulation value.

Mazda has "D" within 3 times the regulated value, "E" within 6 times the regulated value and there is nothing that clears the regulation value.

Ironically it was the Volkswagen listed in the cheat program that was able to clear the regulation of exhaust gas at the time of actual running at the irony point, 12 regulations out of 13 models clear the regulation value even in a real run It is said that.

Regarding the result of the Equa Index, EA Nick Morden says, "In Europe there is a high interest in air pollution problems and there are automakers who actively addressed the countermeasures, but at the very least we did not do it There seems to be a maker, but the important thing is that diesel cars can be made technically clean ".

According to Asthma UK's survey to support asthma patients, two-thirds of Asthma patients in the UK have symptoms of asthma worsening due to automobile emissions. Looking at the results of Equa Index, Dr. Malcolm Green, a British official said, "Automakers are largely and intentionally escaped from regulations on exhaust gas, and such actions are fraudulent and frightening," stern criticism doing.

According to the Mainichi Shimbun, the European Commissioner El Juvieta Biencovska, who is in charge of the EU's automobile policy, announced a policy to oblige new vehicles to check exhaust gas on public roads from the fall of 2017 as a measure to strengthen regulations on the problem of exhaust gas fraud .

EU: Examination on Exhaust Gas Public Highway From mid-autumn, mandatory VW misconduct - Mainichi Newspaper

From now on, it seems that it will become obligatory to suppress the emissions of vehicles including diesel vehicles by rigorous inspection standards reflecting actual conditions more than Europe as well as worldwide.

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