Apple's electric car is released in 2019, possibly not an automatic driving car unlike Google

ByEric Kilby

Although rumors that "Apple is developing its own car" are spilling out from here and there, that Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said in February 2015 "Apple is developing an electric car"And Bloomberg reports"Apple's entry time is 2020By reporting it, its credibility is gradually increasing. Meanwhile, on September 21, WSJ revealed new information on Apple's car development.

Apple Targets Electric-Car Shipping Date for 2019 - WSJ

WSJ: Apple is building an electric car - and it's coming in 2019

Apple aims to finalize an electric car by 2019, Wall Street Journal says | Ars Technica

The codename of Apple's automobile development project is known as "Titan", and already there are about 600 members who are participating in the project. Some of the project members also include leading industry people who have switched from the automobile industry to Apple.

The members who are actually considered key people of the project Titan are summarized in the following article and you can see that there are many members who have experience working in the automobile industry.

Six key people who are likely to direct Apple's making automobile - GIGAZINE

It is also clear that the running test site and Apple are negotiating for a proprietary car.

It turns out that Apple is negotiating with a vast running test site for the development of a car, and the possibility to start driving is close - GIGAZINE

According to information newly obtained by WSJ, unlike Google's automatic driving car, it seems that there is a possibility that the electric car that Apple is developing may not have an automatic driving function installed. However, not necessarily giving up the development of the automatic driving car completely, the development of the automatic driving system is included in the long-term road map, but the one that does not have the automatic driving function at the beginning It seems that there is a possibility of releasing it.

In addition, Apple announced that the release time of the car under development will be in 2019, and it is also obvious that he has allowed to expand the staff size to three times to expand the scale of the project It is becoming.

Incidentally,The Guardian"While Apple is currently in talks with California officials on automatic driving cars," it is certain that Apple is working on the development of automatic driving systems, although the release timing is unknown . Also, if it is true that Apple is working on automobile development, "It may be one of the most important moments for the transport industry," Morgan Stanley analystcommentIt shows the magnitude of its influence.

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