"Two-star star chef (Burnt)" tragedy released when a bad guy and a homicide demon comes out although it is a cooking movie

The chef who experienced the setback aims to rebuild the restaurant from the point of aiming at the resuscitation ... Although it is likely to be a heartwarming dish movie saying ...... It is a tense atmosphere like a hero thing or a suspense movieBradley CooperThe latest work "Burnt"is.

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Numerous scattered knives and scissors with barriers.

Take it out and ...

Check the condition of the knife's bending.

A man who came to a dim room. Together with the tense BGM, "I wonder what is going to happen?", But as the light turns on ...

The dubious space was found to be a kitchen for restaurants where many people work during the day.

A man who burns meat with juju.

Heat what looks like a source ......

I cut vegetables at a phenomenal speed, but because the kitchen is unified with white, black and metal, it is very inorganic impression, this is "Remy's Delicious RESTRAN"It's a heartwarming dish like movie It's been a long time passing through the movie in ten seconds.

Click here at a place where you quieted ... and turning the stove ignition knob ... ...

A fire is lit one by one in a row of burners arranged side by side, but just like that, there is beauty like art.

The main character who plays Adam Jones is "American Sniper"Was nominated for the Academy Award's leading actor awardBradley Cooper. While Adam Jones is a talented chef, she has a past lost her restaurant with drugs and disappointing behavior and aims to restart in London with the goal of opening a restaurant in Paris again.

The restaurant that appears is not a "shop of the reputation of the town", but the luxury car stops and it seems to be high-class atmosphere as it sees.

A pure white tablecloth is laid, and beautifully served dishes line up.

Adam Jones rides around the bike ......

It is rumored to be "a chef like a rolling stones."

In the kitchen, the camera moves so as to flow sideways while maintaining a certain height, and only the hands of the chefs are reflected.

"I do not want to sit in a restaurant and just eat it," but I will tell you about the view to the restaurant ... ...

The main part of the cooking scene is not people but food. Many of the restaurants' movies are mainly displayed by humans, but Burnt has more close-ups at hand than people's faces, and the interaction between people and people's mind is almost drawn so far not.

Beautiful cuisine served in a pure white dish.

It seems to be delicious, but it seems to be somewhat artistic somewhat.

And, to Adam Jones, I got up to bed with a sofa ......

You can see how to catch a fly with a glass.

It is also possible to throw an apron into a stubborn woman.

And as soon as anger comes into my mind, it gently turns over the table top.

Although there are scenes that taste with a lady chef at midnight ... ...

I am also chased by someone.

And also back to the grand scale.

When I gaze at the knife with this flow, I become worried that "Who will die ...?"

Like a trailer of a hero movie, a thing that seems like a kiss scene appears momentarily in the last person ... ...

After all I throw the plate at the end.

It is nice with the darkness and color of the screen, it is called camera work, good as BGM, and it is an unusual atmosphere for dish movies, rather than "a happy person with cooking", a setback and a restart of one man , And it has become a tense feeling film that depicts success with a stage called a restaurant, and it is convinced that it is written that "I have never seen a trailer of a dish movie like this super hero thing" in the comment section of the movie.

As a movie depicting chef's recurrence and success, 2007's "Recipes of happinessAnd "2012"I started chef three star food truckEven if you compare it with the trailer around here, you can understand the heterogeneity of "Burnt" well.

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CHEF Movie Trailer (2014) - YouTube

In addition, "Burnt" is scheduled to be released on October 23, Friday, 2015 in the United States, and disclosure in Japan is undecided at the time of article creation.

2016/05/22 postscript
It is planned to be released from Japan on Saturday, June 11 in Japan.

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