Movie 'Joker' trailer showing how Batman's enemy Joker was born

The first trailer of the movie '

Joker, ' which targets Joker, the Batman's enemy, is released. The director Todd Phillips has previously posted the visual of the movie on Instagram, along with a comment saying 'Trailer will be released tomorrow', but the trailer movie is finally released It becomes a form.

JOKER-Teaser Trailer-In Theaters October 4-YouTube

The director and screenplay was Todd Phillips who won the 67th Golden Globe Award for Best Film (Musical comedy category) for ' Hangover! Muka with Flowers gone and the worst hangover ever '. The co-play is Scott Silver, who wrote the screenplay for Eminem's semi-autobiographical movie ' 8 Mile '. The producer is famous for actor Bradley Cooper .

The movie starts with the words of a woman, 'Arranger, is it helpful to talk to someone?'

This male who was projected is Arthur Freck's 'Joker'. The performer is

Joaquin Phoenix, who played 'The Gladiator ' and the Emperor Emperor Mododo, and ' Beautiful Day ' and the main character Joe.

It does not say a word only by making a smile.

The scene changes and Arthur walks through the city.

“My mother always told me to laugh and have a put on a happy face,” while climbing up the long stairs.

A woman who does not have a shower or does a bath with water in a cup. Apparently this is Arthur's mother.

Although poor, it can be seen that they are living happily.

Arthur goes to the desk alone at night.

'JOKES (Joke)' is written in the notebook is a series of jokes to make people laugh, 'Mother said that I have a mission to' provide laughter and fun to the world ' 'Tweet.

And Arthur dressed in a clown and running out into the city. They believe in their mother's words and make a living as a street performer.

However, young people who are on the road will lose Kanban.

I will chase after you desperately ...

Arthur is overwhelmed by Kanban.

'Are only me or is the world crazy?'

Arthur seems to have fallen thin enough to make the spine stand out.

Even if you do not work well, you will have fun with your mother.

And in another scene ...

In a good atmosphere with a young woman.

The scene changed and Arthur came to the hospital.

The patient in the elevator was feeling nervous. Is it a mental hospital or something?

To a man who is looking back on something strangely ...

Arthur returns 'What?' The expression of Arthur, who was unreliable, is changing little by little.

In yet another scene for a singer who sings at a bar ...

A crazy laugh is presented.

While doing clown makeup for street performers ......

Shed black tears. Arthur still defends the mother's voice and 'puts on a happy face'.

It suddenly starts to laugh in the subway as it reaches the limit.

The office workers who got on the same vehicle ...

'What a laughing thing?'

I will be scolded.

It seems that something is broken in Arthur here.

Start running with clown's appearance ......

I will change shape gradually.

Arthur falls from the stairs.

A voice from the television says, 'What cowards do cold-blooded work? The man behind the mask is hiding behind it.' A handgun is clasped in his hand.

The scene changes, a police officer who chases someone with a handgun in the subway.

Several people dressed in clowns like Arthur appear in the town.

And the mask of the clown that is thrown away in the trash.


Arthur with a clown's red nose.

Beyond the sight ...

There was a little boy. This is a young day Bruce Wayne, who plays Dante Pereira-Olson.



Arthur looks completely transformed into a joker.

Also appeared as a guest of the TV program. Though it must have become a joker and a criminal, the attention from the public will only gather.

There are also many enthusiastic fans.

The scene where the joker is hit by the car is also. What exactly is happening?

Arthur is a completely joker wearing a suit of hen.

At the beginning of the trailer, Arthur was projected to climb the stairs totobotobo, but in the end the joker comes down the stairs lightly.


The movie 'Joker' will be released in the United States on October 4, 2019, but the release date in Japan is undecided.

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