Batmobile breaks the ticket for parking violation

It seems that Batmobile, a familiar Batman's favorite car in the movie Batman series, has torn off the ticket due to a parking violation. The sight that Bat Mobile is parking on the general road has also changed, but the site where the ticket is cut due to a parking violation is very surreal and smiles laughing.

However, it makes me feel like the hero in the movie was dragged into the real world, and it makes me feel a little sad.

Pictures are as follows.
Batmobile gets a parking ticket in London gallery at thelondonpaper

The appearance of a parking guard in front of the bat mobile who is parking on the street

Park monitor for checking bat mobiles

There was a parking illegal Kip in the wiper

It seems that the ticket for detention was cut at Lambeth street passing through the neighborhood of the GMTV studio in London, England. From the previous dayThe Dark KnightFor the promotional activities of DVD releaseAaron EckhartAnd stakeholders are visiting the GMTV studio, and it seems that Bat Mobile who got on as a performance at that time had become a parking breach.

Unlike the movie world, it is like a state that protects the security in the real world.

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