People commuting to the London subway naked commuting because they work encouraging employees to work without clothes

Take the subway without pantsThe event called "The event" is taking place all around the world, but it seems that someone said that he would commute to work in London under the subway. By being an encouragement of employees, people who wear shoes and bags are basically captured by those who do not wear clothes.

Details are as below.
The Naked Office: London Underground commuters strip off to help save company | Mail Online

People riding escalators as if nothing is funny.

I will get on the train as it is.

This is actually a TV program "The Naked Office"If you work without putting on clothes, it seems that the concept that employees' aggressiveness and productivity are improved even in the world of recession, with the lack of barriers with other employees and reliability.

A commuter walking hands and walking. It may be that intimacy increases as it becomes naked.

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