A trailer of a horror-taste movie "The New Mutants" although it is a spin-off work of the X-MEN series appeared

X-MEN"Mutant" pointing to people with superhuman abilities appearing in the series spin-off work entered in the title "New Mutants(Title: The New Mutants) "trailer has been released. Speaking of the X - MEN series, the impression that superhits are active in action movies is an image of horror tastes different in coat color from the X - MEN series so far.

The New Mutants | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX - YouTube

A dark building

Starting from a scene drifting in an unpleasant atmosphere, such as a coarse tombstone ...... just a number rather than a name was written ...

The girl sitting on the chair will be shown.

It seems that the girl is connected to equipment and measures respiration, pulse, blood pressure and so on.

A woman asking a question seems to be monitoring something including a girl from multiple monitors from a place like another monitoring room.

It is a trailer of New Mutants, which starts with the opening scene where there is a creepy and sinister atmosphere with a strange battle changing with plenty of X - MEN series works, but as you can see that it is a Marvel work firmly MARVEL "logo will be displayed as dodong.

The adult character that comes out the only face in the trailer is Cecilia Raise of Mentor. It is Alicia Braga actress who is acting.

The girls to be examined are "Mirage" playing Bull Hunt Daniel Moonstar. It is a native American girl who seems to suffer from her own mutant ability.

In a facility where a girl was brought in, with a strict lock ... ...

There was a door with a peep window ......

A boys girl lives in a room like a cell.

The main character of the story is Iriana Rasputina, "Magic" who plays Anja · Taylor · Joy.

Henry Zerga plays "Sun spot" Roberto da Costa

Another protagonist Macy's Williams plays "Wolfsbane" Lane Sinclair

Charlie Heaton plays "Cannonball" Sam Guthrie

Cannonball finds washing machine that rattles rattling ......

I look into the inside.

Then suddenly the flame will blow from inside and the hand of man will rise out.

Besides, it seems that mysterious phenomena such as scratched wounded raise are striking characters.

When Daniel Moonster who came to the facility wakes up from sleep ... ...

Blood is attached to the fingers ... ...

The wall suddenly deforms into the shape of a human face and attacks it.

Furthermore, in another scene open the door ... ....

I encounter a man with a mysterious mask.

When the man removes the mask ......

Magic and cannon ball scream.

And escape. What kind of face is hidden beneath the one-piece mask?

In addition, behind the girl whose wound "W" was engraved on the shoulder

A silhouette like a soldier with a firearm

Magic suffering from something


In addition, it seems that all the characters are fighting something invisible, such as screaming.

And the girl who appeared in the beginning scene · Moonstar, the countless faces attack from the wall.

"The New Mutants"

"The New Mutants" is scheduled to be released on April 13, 2018 in the United States, but the date of publication in Japan is undecided.

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