Sorry, there is something happening in the town wrapped in fog, released a new drama trailer by Stephen King's original "Mist"

Steven King's novels, such as "Shining" "Carry" "Shawshank Redemption" "Stand by Me" "Misery" are the original of many movies and dramas. Among them, the movie "Mist" by Director Frank Darabon published in 2007 is known as a work that gives a strong impact to the person who saw it, but now, based on the same original "The Mist"As a new drama series will be made, the trailer has been released.

Official Trailer: The Mist (from a story by Stephen King) - YouTube

A fog creeping in the setting town

Police officers looking stupid

At the end of their line of sight is the fog coming closer to the city with a height like a wall ... ....

"do not be afraid"

A warrior soldier in the mountain can not remember even his own name.

People who seem to have escaped from the fog

Blocked entrance at shopping mall

What is going on outside?

People in the church

This place was wrapped in fog while riding in the car

The policemen also in the fog ... ....

What happened to the woman who cries?

On the street is a graffiti "WHORE (prostitute)".

What is visible behind the door ...?

This new drama series "The Mist"Spike will be broadcast exclusively from June 22, 2017.

Mr. Stephen King of the original author also tweeted that "" THE MIST "will come.

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